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Shop the Best Customized Boxing Gloves

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Instantly, when we say boxing, what is it that comes to your mind? Yeah, energy, power, those hits, punches and that little baby of yours, the glove set landing blows on your opponent – oh the glory, the roaring sound of cheering crowd, that fierce, fierce fire inside you breaking free! let’s move forward about customized boxing gloves.

You might not like to accept it, but we did take you for a trip down that lane where your most beautiful boxing dreams lay.

Don’t be surprised, boxing is a game of passion, of pushing oneself beyond limits; sometimes to win a bout, at others, to get that suave, well toned body that spells endurance, power and health.

Sport’s highlight

If you are into the sport for fitness or for professional training, you already know that there’s a whole lot of accessories that can form a part of the essential gear for it, boxing gloves, still top the chart.

Why at all is there so much fuss about boxing gloves among the entire gear? The ounces, the different types, material quality, size. Simply, because each has a different use and is meant for a specific purpose. Heavy bag gloves for instance, might sound like the best option to hit ‘em hard and knock them down to show your spirit. But really, these are only meant to train you on your technique, to help you master the art during an actual fight and to get you accustomed to the real feel of the impact.

The best ones out there

Yes, of course, there are some big shot brands that really sell a pair of gloves for a set of your kidneys; they’re that expensive. But that is where all your knowledge and understanding would come in handy. Not all gloves are meant for you as a trainee, these most expensive ones are the pro-fighter versions suited only for a fight an experience, expert fighter.

Remember these, especially if your purchase is going to be online, test the brand against these

  • Material quality
  • Padding quality during breaking in and longevity
  • Snug fit for the hand shape
  • Swiftness of order delivery

Customization is the name of the game these days, definitely a top up over the aforementioned signs of quality. Infinitude Fight is one of the key and most sought after brands; their 3D customizer for the custom designed boxing gloves is a handy tool that allows you full control over designing your personalized version of their high quality, genuine leather gloves and the express delivery (under normal circumstances of course), faster than any other competing brand gives you and excellent service experience.

The degree of personalization can go up to the level that you can even order a theme of gold colored boxing gloves, logos and flags of your choice and even the stitch style.

Let’s have a look at some of their high-in-demand, best customized boxing gloves within each type

Heavy bag gloves

Shop away the Harrier Swift and Raider Pro styles from the heavy bag gloves range. Meant to give you comfort, agility, speed, control and protection; just enough medium hard padding (8 – 12oz usually) to protect your hand against any injury while allowing maximum flexibility to manage hand movement without any disruption.

Bag gloves

You would find a lot of options to shop for these. From Harrier Swift to Raptor Extreme styles, select your optimum ounce size by your body weight and make the most of those bag work sessions. Since these are solely to train your fists on punching on the bag or the boxing pads, you would find them lighter than the usual boxing gloves but with enough padding to ensure your hands are protected during those rounds.

Sparring gloves

Remember, these are your ultimate partner gloves to perfect your blows and punches for that upcoming competition, to learn technique and master the eye hand and other limbs’ movement. Depending on your body weight, order a padding of 14oz or above to allow for better protection for both you and your sparring partner without having to compromise on training on your skill.

You can choose from a wide variety, but the Velocity Pro and Harrier swift, with super soft padding are worth a try for these sessions.

Training gloves

These shall be your all-rounder boxing gloves for almost all forms of training and workout needs. Call it general purpose or whatever you wish to, you would find Infinitude’s wide range of customizable gloves with the right ounce size option to fit your hand snugly and offer the support your wrist needs even during bag work.

Just try and use smaller sizes initially your hands are trained enough to take the resulting blow from the bag too. Remember, your coach would be your best guide!

Competition/pro gloves

These ones are for those real competitions, the actual fight. And frankly, not meant for everyone unless you have been trained and given a go ahead to enter the ring as a professional fighter. The Stealth X2 gloves by Infinitude are a pure beauty for the purpose if you’re really headed for the big day.

Put on these pro grade gloves, customized to your liking and made in superior quality materials to land a blow on the competitor that he would remember for a life time.

Corner them well, knock ‘em down!

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