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Reasons to Move to The Top Neighborhoods in Thane

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Why Thane?

Firstly, if you’re looking to move to Mumbai, chances are you might not find the best place easily. At least, you won’t be able to find the ideal place in the affordable range that you’re looking for. But you can certainly find flats in Thane for sale that will appeal to all your needs. Moreover, the city is just outside Mumbai, providing you with all the access you need to the main city. Additionally, Thane is named one of the most promising cities in India according to the FIRST [email protected] Cities Council and Indicus Analytics. The city has checked positive for the following characteristics the research was based on:

Apt Location & Better Connectivity:

Thane, as stated above, is at a perfect distance from the urban rush surrounding Mumbai. Moreover, the city has the Ulhas river streaming along the northern shores of the city. The river passes through the areas of Mumbra and Salvi Nagar, with a connecting point of Khardi Diva Bridge. The Vasai Creek makes up the northeastern border of the city, adjoining Sanjay Gandhi National Park with the Yedor Hills neighborhood. Needless to say, the locality of the city is perfect. Similarly, residential communities on the western sides promise a great life for moving families. The fact that a 2bhk flat in Thane west doesn’t cost much is another plus point.


The city is one of the recently developed areas in the country that have seen modern restructuring. In fact, the city scores high among all cities of India in providing comfortable transportation. You can have access to local transits and get anywhere throughout the city. Furthermore, there are ample provisions and necessary utilities available in all areas of the city. Needless to say, it’s a city that does not have an underdeveloped area. Therefore, anywhere you go, you won’t have problems with electricity, water, sewage, etc.

In addition to all this, the city also ranks high on the list of cities that represent a naturally healthy environment. Thane becomes a public favorite for adults, kids, teens, and all families. You can find cinemas, malls, top-notch retail centers, and shopping plazas. However, if you need anything particular, you can always take a trip to Mumbai and get what you need.


As we discussed above, Thane has all the amenities any and all family members can ever need. Examples of some of them would be:

  •       Fortune Park Lake City Restaurants
  •       Thane Civil Hospital
  •       Titan Hospital
  •       Hiranandani Foundation School
  •       Orchids the International School
  •       St. John The Baptist High School and Jr. College
  •       Viviana Mall
  •       Korum Mall
  •       R-Mall in Thane West

But that’s just a few of the things in Thane that everybody finds attractive and appealing.

Places to Live in Thane: Places in Thane

Thane is a smaller city compared to Mumbai but a city with a lot of neighborhoods nonetheless. Let’s discuss some of the best places in Thane you should choose to live in.


Although the area is one of the oldest places in the city of Thane, it’s one of the most accessible ones. Moreover, it’s the closest you can be to Mumbai that is only the Eastern Express Highway away. If you prefer using local transits, you can find the Thane Railway Station to be quite near Majiwada as well. Some of the top real estate developers of the country are performing well with various projects. Developers such as Rustomjee, Lodha, Sheth Builders are developing the locality, making it better but expensive as well.

Ghodbunder Road:

Ghodbunder Road is one of the more spacious pieces of land in the city that are experiencing serious development. Companies are making sure to make the most of the time and space they have in the area of Ghodbunder Road. The area provides easy access to all the amenities we described above. Moreover, people find rents and living costs in the area to be very affordable.

Vasai East:

Vasai is a big area divided into two, with the eastern side riper for a residential move. Although the plans for the place involved a lot of investment ventures that didn’t fall through, residential options sprouted up nonetheless. This proved to be very beneficial for all those who had workplaces nearby. Even now, Vasai East is one of the most popular areas of the city with people constantly on the lookout for residential units.

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