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Phone Number [pii_pn_9caeab579a83172482bb] Error – Solved

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[pii_pn_9caeab579a83172482bb] Error

Phone number [pii_pn_9caeab579a83172482bb] error code occurs in Ms Outlook. Oftenly when there is something not good with the settings or the accounts you use for outlook.

If you are looking for the solution to the error. Then you are probably in the right place to solve this problem with few easy steps.

Why Does the Phone Number [pii_pn_9caeab579a83172482bb] error code occurs?

There are multiple reasons for this error. It often occurs when your account port settings are not correctly set. Or you are using multiple accounts in Outlook Applications.

How To Solve Error [pii_pn_9caeab579a83172482bb] ?

There are multiple ways to solve this problem. Let’s follow some of the ways to solve this issue.

Solutions.1 Delete Multiple Accounts.

  • Check in your outlook account management for multiple accounts if you use.
  • After deleting the account clear cache , cookies and then login with another account.
  • Delete Multiple Accounts and login with only one account.
  • Now close Microsoft Outlook and restart again.

Solution.2 Update Ms Outlook or Install latest version.

  • If the above solution doesn’t work check the update for the program.
  • If there is no update for the program.
  • Try to remove the broken version of Outlook from the program and features in your computer.
  • Now Install the latest version again.
  • Create a new account and login again.

Solution.3 Remove all accounts and create a new one.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook program.
  • Go to Setting and Account Setting Option from the file menu.
  • Delete all accounts from the accounts window.
  • Now create a new account.
  • Close Outlook application.
  • Open it again and login with the new account.


In this guide we looked at the Phone number [pii_pn_9caeab579a83172482bb] error code for Microsoft Outlook. I hope one of the solutions worked for you if not then please leave a comment below or visit Microsoft support to get detailed help.

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