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MixingBoard: Gigs and Talent Meet for Incredible Opportunities 

by theskfeed

Theme behind MixingBoard 

You love playing the violin. It has been your dream to turn that hobby into something more, perhaps into a career that you can comfortably live on. You don’t need to play by the roadside or try your luck outside of restaurants and bars. Get the MixingBoard app, craft a profile and open up a door of many opportunities in the way of paying gigs! Collaborate with fellow talents on various projects, make a name for yourself, and land recurring work for your expertise. On the other hand, if you are a talent seeker, you’ll find an assortment of musical skills on the platform. From more technical positions such as sound engineers and producers to pianists, vocalists, and more, look no further than the talent mecca that is MixingBoard!

MixingBoard App Features 

MixingBoard caters to the needs of both performers and talent seekers in the following ways:

  • Location searches: MixingBoard focuses on geographical locations in the U.S. Users can search for gigs or projects near them or nearby performers with ease and convenience. 
  • Detailed gig descriptions: Aside from describing the open positions and the requisite skills, MixingBoard also specifies expected payment among other details to influence your decision. 
  • So many options for recruiters: The app is not only for singers, drummers, and guitarists, it also offers more technical professionals in the way of producers and more. 
  • Profile reviews: How can you know if a performer is any good? MixingBoard offers ratings and reviews from past works so talent seekers can effectively judge if an artist is fit for the job. 
  • Posts gigs without stress: Simply describe what you need in detail, post the job and let talented performers find you! You can then discern from the options on the waitlist.

Working of the app 

On MixingBoard, the performer sells his craft by drafting an expert profile. Highlight your skills and what else you bring to the table to stand out to clients. Apply for posts to get on a waitlist. If you get the job, you’d be requested to confirm your availability and make things final. For talent seekers, there are three plan options to choose from namely Ultimate, Pro and Basic. These offer 10, 5, and 2 posts respectively per month. A subscription also avails the advantage of getting repeat talent for your projects and a depth of experienced professionals for your pleasure.

Why MixingBoard is unlike all the rest

MixingBoard benefits talent seekers with its state-of-the-art payment system that ensures utmost privacy and security. The dependable rating and review system also ensures recruiters get only the best talents for their events. For the performers, the return on investment model that fuels the app puts in a league of its own. You don’t pay for gigs you don’t get, you only pay for those you do. Hence, performers only spend money to make a lot more of it!

A successful event needs good talent and the perfect gig! MixingBoard brings together the best of both!

Please visit our website link

Website: https://mixingboard.org/

Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mixingboard.app

App Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mixingboard/id1514981975

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