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Maintain & Repair your Car

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Whether you are the proud owner of a new car or a used car, regular tune-up, maintenance and repair of your vehicle is essential and should be taken seriously. So, whether it’s to ensure its durability, reliability, or more importantly, your own safety and that of others, in this section we have gathered all the necessary information you would need to ensure you ride with confidence.

repair your car

Maintain & Repair your Car

Various topics are therefore discussed here in order to help you better understand what is important and what should not be overlooked about your car.

Auto repair and maintenance: what you need to know.

Regardless of the time of year, many automobile owners have their vehicles repaired or maintained. Whether it’s for a tire change, an oil change, a full service or even a simple inspection, it is advisable to always remain extremely vigilant. 

The vast majority of mechanics and dealerships are reliable people, but when the time comes for a good deal, some may unfortunately take the opportunity to shy away from a certain code of ethics.

The task of finding a good mechanic therefore becomes important in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here are the main most listed problems as well as the laws and regulations related to them.

The false estimate

A mechanic gives you an evaluation, which you accept, and when you take back the vehicle, your invoice is much more important than on the evaluation. Parts were added to the bill and overtime charged. Your mechanic claims that you accepted the initial assessment and were aware of the potential additions.

In this very common case, the mechanic must provide you with an estimate for repairs over $ 100. They can also charge you to do the evaluation, but be aware that most will do it for free.

In the previous case, the law obliges garage owners to respect the valuation. When repairs are discovered following the initial assessment, the mechanic has the obligation to notify you before carrying out the work. So, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Bad repairs

Your vehicle comes out of the garage and drives perfectly again… until the same problem returns. Since the automobile was perfectly functional, your mechanic refused to do the repairs again. It was your driving that caused the problem after all.

The law is very clear on this level, repairs are guaranteed for a period of three months or 5,000 kilometres for your car. Obviously, this warranty applies to repairs made and not to the entire vehicle.

The pieces have disappeared

Following a dubious repair, you ask to see the changed parts which have unfortunately disappeared. The mechanic tells you, however, that these parts were no longer good and that anyway it is useless to see them.

Be aware that when you request repairs to your vehicle, the mechanic is required by law to give you the parts that have been replaced if you request it. This precaution assures you that the mechanic has indeed repaired parts that were broken or worn. 

It also prevents parts from being stolen by mechanics. There are some exceptions, however, when the repair is free, when the part is refurbished or re-manufactured and when the part is returned to the manufacturer.

Despite the fact that the mechanics can sometimes be a mystery to you, it is still important to know your rights and procedures when dealing with a mechanic.


As you will understand, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to be well informed and always check in detail your invoice as well as the repair or maintenance work that will have been carried out on your vehicle.

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