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Learn Teaching English Online During the Covid 19 Pandemic

by theskfeed

The education system as we know it will never be the same. Remote learning through a digital interface has now become the norm for classroom teachers to get content across to their students. For now, circle time and group discussions on the rug are being replaced by Zoom meetings.

There is nothing like face-to-face education, but we have to make do with the current circumstances. Teachers also need to learn to make the transition of working from home.

But what about English Language Learners, or English as a Second Language Learners?

These students require supplementary support along the rest of the curriculum. This support is usually through push-in services in the classroom or pull-out services in another setting with an ESL teacher.

These students are already considered behind in certain areas, and with the pandemic going out, it is even more difficult for them to get the support they need to be on track.

For the most part, schools have tried to give their students all the materials they need to succeed during these times. This includes having things translated from a specific language to English and vice versa.

Teachers have been able to use Zoom to interact with their ESL students. However, there are also many online resources students can use to supplement the curriculum, along with many English tutoring or teaching sites.

Programs for Kids: There are hundreds of education apps available these days. 

Storybird is a program that allows little thinkers to use their imagination to become creative writers. Students and teachers can write their own online books and share them with each other.

This not only encourages students to go outside of the box with their ideas but push themselves to learn how to use words and phrases to tell a story. The program also has a library of artwork writers can use to illustrate their stories.

Quizlet has been around for years. Elementary to college-aged students use the site to help them study. What makes Quizlet so great and allowed it to stand the test of time is that the concept is so straightforward. It is a collection of flashcards anyone can make on any topic. 

Have an anatomy test? You can bet there are multiple sets of flashcards to help you ace that exam. If you are an ESL learner working on expanding on your vocabulary, there are plenty of flashcards that will expose you to words and their definitions.

Lyrics Training is a fun way to learn English. You literally use music to learn new vocabulary! As with many E-learning resources, teachers can share their screens with students. How does Lyrics Training work?

It takes music videos from Youtube while students watch the music videos, they have to listen closely as well. They are required to fill in the blanks to test their listening and comprehension skills.

Teachers can change the level of difficulty by switching from a multiple-choice format to writing/typing down the actual word.

In closing

Traditional education in school buildings has been forced to adapt to E-learning strategies due to the current situation our world is in. Thus, apps and programs have been of great supplementary materials to ESL/ELL students who need extra support. Students are able to learn through interactive platforms.

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