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Key SEO Marketing Elements For Dentists

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Many dentists are including SEO practices in their digital marketing strategies to increase the ranking of their website on search engines. Since there are many dental websites online, it becomes essential for dentists to follow correct SEO practices to bring their websites to the top pages of Google or other search engines. When patients looking for dental services find your website on the top results, they’re likely to visit it, read about the services you provide and book an appointment with you.

When considering SEO for dentists, it’s essential to know there are many elements to be taken care of. When done correctly, SEO can increase the ranking of the website as well as the conversion rate. 

Elements of On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is nothing but the practice of optimizing the various elements on your website. On-site SEO, when done right, can have a significant impact on the rankings and traffic of the website.

There are many on-site SEO elements. However, some of the essential elements that you need to take care of are:

  • Keywords

Keywords are terms used to optimize a website to help it rank high on Google. They are the words your potential clients may type on search engines when looking for particular services. Keywords can either be short words or long phrases. Keywords that are longer are specific and known to be long-tail keywords.

It is essential to include relevant keywords in the content of your website to improve its ranking. Suppose your dental website includes keywords that patients are typing to look for dental services, the chances of your website appearing on the top of the search result pages increases. To find relevant keywords, you can make use of the various keyword search tools available online. These tools not only suggest relevant keywords but also show the keyword search volume for each. This means they tell you the number of times a particular keyword was typed on the search engine to look for results. It is best to include keywords with higher volume in your website copy for better ranking.

  • Content

Just like adding relevant keywords to your website is essential, you got to add relevant content too. If the content on your website is engaging and informational, more people are likely to stay on your website for long. Remember, the longer time they spend on your website, the higher their chances to ‘convert’.

When generating content for your website, ensure that it is accurate, original and detailed. When you give your readers content that is informational and adds to their knowledge, they are likely to build trust in you and consider you as an expert they can rely upon.

  • Title Tags

Title tags are headlines displayed on the search result page. If you give your website pages a catchy title, people will likely read them and enter your website. It is vital to give a title tag to every page of your website to attract maximum readers. 

Avoid writing lengthy title tags as Google gives a space of 50 to 60 characters for your titles. Also, ensure to include your keywords in the title itself.

Elements of Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO includes steps to be taken outside your website to improve the ranking of your website.

Though there are many elements of off-site SEO, some of the basic ones include:

  • Social Media

Almost everyone across the globe is on social media. This makes it essential for businesses to be present on social media websites to allow maximum people to know about their offerings. Like any other profession, dentists need to be present on social media to promote their website and services. It is best to have dedicated social media pages for your practice to attract more people to your website. With every like, share and comment, you increase the chances of people visiting your website and checking the various services you provide.

  • Local SEO

Citations are a great way to enhance your local search results. They offer you the chance to mention your business name, address, contact number, and other details. You can list your dental practice with several citations to appear on the local search result page. Google My Business is a popular citation you can register your dental practice to boost your SEO efforts.

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