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Introduction: Advancement of Information Technology. Globalization and development of Artificial Intelligence has led the world to believe in Virtual World with emphasis on Digitalization. In the above scenario when the Business turnover is the pivotal factor in the development of an Economy, the function of Business Cards cannot be underestimated as this very card becomes the crusader in soaring the concerned business to new height and in turn redefines the marketing strategy.

Purveying of Contact Details to Stakeholders

Business Cards acts as a major marketing strategy in providing the Business Houses several advantages that accrue due to it. To enumerate one can commence from the Contact Details. An organization contact information on the card is very crucial to connect with the various stakeholders connected with the concerned business right from the prospects to the vendors without which a business cannot stand for a moment. A contact details includes Office Address, E-Mail Address and Contact Person’s Name besides Landline and Mobile Numbers as per the requirement. Hence the Business Cards becomes pivotal for the growth of the concerned Business.

Building of Rapport due to Personal Touch

Personal touch always helps in escalating the Business to next stratum that is beneficial for the Business Unit. As per the prevalent culture in Business domain, a lot of Business Cards are exchanged while shaking hands. During this Busines Card exchange time both the parties get connected with each other and share a warm feeling that helps in building rapport. Once the said rapport is built then it creates a momentum that keeps the Business Wheel moving on its own.

Creation of Positive First Impression

An attractive and well customized Business Card helps in grabbing the attention of its stakeholders including target customers and creates a very powerful positive first impression. As per the saying that ‘First impression is the last impression’ here also a well-designed eye-catching Business Card creates a professional look and build a favorable Brand Image of the concerned Business Unit.

importance of business cards marketing

Positioning as an Effective Marketing Tool

Amidst Digital world of Social Media Marketing in which the Business Houses position and market their brand to target leads and potential customers, these Business Card are more effective because of in-person meeting that goes because of sharing of these cards.

Development of Better Networking

Business Cards can act as a major tool that helps in Networking. It creates Brand Image and helps in boosting sales due to the positive impact of personal networking. It can be concluded that Business Cards can act as a major Marketing Tool if they are the part of overall Marketing Plan of the concerned Business Unit.

Display of Professionalism

Business Cards position an organization as a Professional Unit that knows the mode of conveying the essential information pertaining to its business to the various stakeholders in a much-customized way as solicited by the stakeholders themselves to suit their individual need.

Maintenance of Culture

In some countries exchange of Business cards is the culture that has been built over the years irrespective of changing orientation of Business due to the changing Technologies and requirement of that particular time.


Business Cards also offer versatility because besides imparting essential information it can also be used to impart Product/Services information with at a Glance Discounts, Deals and Offers that are available to boost the Business.

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