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How to Use the Area of Square Formula in Daily Life?

by Asif Ali

A square is a two-dimensional figure that has four sides. It has four vertices and is a unique figure as it is a particular case of both parallelogram and rectangle. All the four sides of a square are equal to each other in measure of their length, and its two diagonals are also equal in length and bisect each other. Using the area of square formula to find areas of everyday square-shaped objects has multiple personal and commercial applications.

Like all other figures, a square has a perimeter and an area. The perimeter of a square can be calculated using the formula 4*a, and the area of the square formula is a*a where a is the length of each side.
Uses of the area formula of a square in real life

The formula to find the square formula is used in many fields in daily life. We see a lot of square objects around us. These objects include clocks, box seats, a square room, and floor tiles, among others. We use the formula to calculate the area of a square when we need to find the area of such objects for different purposes.

Some real-life uses of the formula of the area of a square

1. Box seats

Most box seats that we see around us have sides that are square in shape. We can store articles in the box and sit on top of it as well. It is a very beneficial thing. The area of the square face at the bottom of the box seat decides how much floor space it might need.

2. Square walls

Mostly, we have walls that are square in shape. The formula to calculate the area of a square comes to help when we intend to put wallpaper on this square wall or want the wall to get painted. Once we know the wall area, we can easily understand how much area wallpaper is needed or how much paint is needed to paint the wall. It will also help to predict how much cost will be involved.

3. A room with a square floor

We often have rooms in our house with square floors, square ceilings, or square walls. The area of the square helps to know the area of the floor and helps keep measurement and count of various objects that can be placed in the room.

4. Floor tiles

Once we know the area of the floor and the area of square floor tiles, we can easily find out how many tiles will be needed to cover the floor.

5. Square Table-Top

In the case of a square table-top table, we can arrange the various parameters and understand the number of things that can be kept on it once we calculate the table-top area.

6. Carpets

We generally put a carpet in the living room or the drawing-room of the house. Such carpets are usually square or rectangular in shape. When a carpet is square, we can easily use the formula to find the area of the square to know how much floor area it will be covering.

7. A square piece of cloth

When we use a piece of cloth to make a dress out of it, we need to know the measure of the length and the breadth of the cloth, and sometimes, we also need to know the area of the fabric. If the cloth is a square, the area of the cloth can be calculated using the area formula of the square.

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