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How to Use Calendar to Maximize Your Day in 2020?

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A Calendar is a system of Managing your day and schedule for social purpose as well as religious, commercial and administrative purpose. As Islamic Calendar, Hebrew, Gregorian. It all happens by giving name to the period of time like days, week, month and year. Date is a designation of a specific day or a single day within a system. Calendar is a physical record also we can use paper calendar also so that we will print calendar and will use it for our purpose.

How to use calendar to maximize your day in 2020?

How to use calendar to maximize your day in 2020?

Calendar is also a list of planned events like a wedding calendar or planning calendar. These days people are using calendars to say when something happens and people also use it for planning things. If you are working in an office and it is difficult to manage time and schedule for you then you can use these calendars, you can simply give a command to print a calendar and after that in the calendar you can manage your time schedule or events etc.

These days people are using various types of calendars like Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic calendar and Coptic Calendar. Coptic Calendars are the new version of Pharaonic Calendar. This Calendar was started more than four thousand (4000) years ago in Egypt before Christ. The Word “Pharaohs” is used to see the shining appearance of both Sun and the Star, the star named is “EI Shaara EI Yamaneya”.

Why Calendars are important?

Calendars are important because people use calendars to manage their personal time schedule, activity and events when a person has numerous school, family, work commitments. So everybody can get an Online Calendar and you can print them and manage your work schedule and activities. The main Example of online calendar is Google Calendar. By Using Google Calendar, you can track your time and activities.

5 Benefits of using Calendar

  1.       Calendar keeps us accountable.
  2.       It Also Keep us Realistic
  3.       Calendar help is prioritize
  4.       It Also keep us on track
  5.       Calendar sets boundaries

9 Best Calendars app to keep us on track in 2020.

  1.       Any.do Calendar
  2.       Google Calendar
  3.       Jorte Calendar
  4.       Business Calendar
  5.       Calendar
  6.       aCalendar
  7.       DigiCal Calendar
  8.       SolCalendar
  9.       Today Calendar

3 Way to use Google Calendar to maximize your day.

  1.       Google Calendar Sync

  1.     Open Google Calendar
  2.     Click “Setting menu” icon then “Setting”
  3.     Scroll to “Import & Export”
  4.     Export your Calendar
  5.     Then head into your main Calendar
  6.     Click the “Setting menu” icon then “Setting”
  7.     Scroll to “Import & Export”
  8.     And Import your calendar
  1.       To See your Colleagues Calendar

  1.     Open Google Calendar
  2.     On the Left hand side, type your Colleagues email under” Add Calendar”
  3.     You need to request permission to view their calendar. When, once it is accepted you will be able to view your Colleagues Calendar.
  1.       Set Event Auto Reminder

  1.     First you have to sign in.
  2.     Click “Setting Menu” gear and then “Setting”
  3.     Scroll down to “Setting for my calendars” and click on your calendar
  4.     Scroll down to “Event notification”
  5.     Choose how much notice you need to prior to your events like : Hours, Days, Week, Month
  6.     Choose Whether You would like to receive a notification or an email
  7.     Click “Add Notification”


In this article we covered everything about calendar. The use of a calendar, best calendar apps, purpose of the calendars in real life and every possible information about calendar. Hope you enjoyed this article. Further more you can read about August 2020 calendars Keep in touch with us for more updates.

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