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How To Protect or Repair Your Online Reputation | Search Results Repair

by theskfeed

Nowadays the first impression and reputation online is everything. You should use and control the ability to Google a person or a business and create the right impression! By occupying the first page of a Google search results, you will change your appearance online!. In this article, we will share with you advice on how to protect or repair your online reputation. So, let’s starts

Owning the First Page of Google

To repair your reputation, you must have mostly positive first Google pages when you search for your name or company. This is the first and the most important step you need to take to protect or repair your reputation. Improve your search results with valuable content, websites, Wikipedia pages about you or your company.

Optimizing Your Website and Profile Pages

Now, even when you already created a website and have profile pages, they will not appear on the first page. This to happen you need to optimize all your websites and social media pages. A major first step is to optimize, optimize and optimize! Perhaps you rarely see online resources, websites and profiles on the first page at the moment if you need reputation repair. And we know why! It all starts with SEO research and using the right keywords in your content strategy. The key idea is to create a powerful first page that will move down all negative reviews or news articles.

Use Guest Blogging on Other Reputable Websites

This point is also important because you can not fill in the first page with only your content. Also, if you created your page or website recently, the domain authority is not that high as some other websites. For this reason, we highly recommend using guest blogging on reputable websites. Before doing that, please make sure the domain authority is at least higher than 20, otherwise you will just waste your money.

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Fix a Google News section

Many people that search for a specific person or company with an already damaged reputation, opens Google News section. If this is your case, you need to fix this with creating a press release and news on third-party websites. Also, create your profiles and post news and fresh content on multiple platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Forums, etc.

Creating a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel nowadays is one of the best tools to repair your reputation. First, if there are videos on the platform that damage your reputation, you need to cover them up with your content. Second, Google search results often include videos from YouTube. And third, people trust you more when you are open and have a YouTube channel. You should be brave to publish your first video, but believe us it is definitely worth it!

Conclusion Search Results Repair is the best solution for you and your business! We are always happy to help and provide valuable advice using our years of experience. And this advice will definitely help you repair or protect your reputation online. But unfortunately, it is not possible to do it alone! You need professional help that will create content strategy, keywords research and provide high-quality content that will be ranked on the first Google page. That’s why we are here! Contact us today and we will provide the best reputation repair service, with 100% results and confidentiality guaranteed.

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