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Prepare Older Siblings For The Arrival Of New-born

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The birth of a baby comes with a change to the structure of the family.  Family members will have to adjust their lifestyle and respond to changes with the arrival of the little one.  For a family who already has another child in the family, the parents must pay special attention to the older sibling’s responses and especially her emotions. Let’s begin how to prepare older siblings for the arrival of new-born

If the older siblings are young toddlers, they may not understand that the baby is their family member.  They may not comprehend the blood relationship among the parents, younger siblings and themselves.  They may not know of their new role in one big family, that they are going to be a big sister or brother after the baby is born.

Preparing Older Sibling For Arrival Of A New Baby Sibling

Hence, before the baby is born, the parents should spend some time to educate the big siblings about the changes that they are going to experience with the arrival of the younger sibling.  Most importantly, they must assure the older children that their love and concern remains unchanged even though they need to spend more time looking after the baby.

On the arrival of the baby, the parents should give the older children gifts from the younger sibling to mark this special occasion.  When he or she receives a sibling gift from new baby, it will be a heart-warming moment and be touched by the baby’s kind gesture and as a result feel closer to the baby.  The older children will also be more receptive to having this little one as part of the family and better accept the parents’ attention that is diverted to the baby.  In the best-case scenario, in reciprocity of the gift received, they will help look after the baby to better fulfill her upgraded role as a big sister or brother.

Prepare Older Siblings For The Arrival Of New-born

There are two popular sibling gifts that parents can consider buying for their older child.  Firstly, if she is currently attending school, giving her a tote bag with a lovely girlish image and the words “Big Sister” printed on the tote bag is an ideal gift.  This is a practical gift which she can bring to school daily, providing her with a gentle reminder that she is a big sister.  It also gives her a sense of pride when her schoolmates congratulate and envy her of being an older sibling.

Parents can consider personalizing the tote bag by choosing her favorite color for the bag and the “Big Sister” wordings.  They can also choose her favorite cartoon character or a cartoon image of her to make this tote bag more special and make it her bag, a bag that no one can use except her. The same goes if the older sibling is a big brother, find something that indicate his new and important role.

Older Siblings  Activities With New Born

Secondly, for older siblings who love art and craft, an art and craft kit subscription boxes are suitable presents.  They can unleash their creativity and spend hours doing the favorite craft.  At the same time, with the big sibling doing the craft work, it helps the parents better focus on their baby, who requires a lot of time and attention.

With an appropriate sibling gift, we are sure that the older children will be excited and be happy to be part their younger siblings’ growing up journey.

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