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How to Keep Kids Safe Online? With easy steps

by theskfeed
Welcome to 2020! The era of technology and digitalization. Here everything and everyone is influenced by the internet, no matter what age group they belong.
Adults might be addicted to the internet surfing but kids and adolescences are the one growing up with it. It is estimated that almost nine hours a day is spend by adolescence online. Is it really safe? You should think about it.

What are the possible risks?

Actually, there are numerous possible risks for children and as being a parent you should be aware of that. You should pay attention to the importance of online safety for kids. The most possible risks that any child can come in contact with are as follows:

1 Exposure to unsuitable adult content.
2 Sharing of personal data online.
3 Becoming a victim of cyber bullying.
4 Unauthentic downloads.
5 Meeting online strangers in person.

These are just few mentioned risks there are thousands of them out there that you are not well aware of. You should be updated to all these advanced technology and approach that cyber-criminal uses to reach out for your children. You should try your best that your child must not fall a prey to such predators.

What should I do then?

You cannot stop children from navigating the globe and exploring the world through the medium of internet, this is actually their window to see the world. But, you can have a check on the content and people they are being exposed to.

Have a decent conversation with you children and educate them about the risks the internet contains along with its benefits. You can also have an eye on their ongoing online activities. You can also teach them how to protect their privacy online and they should have a nick name whenever using a name for online games or on social medias. Have a proper screen time plan for your children. Digital footprints are the thing which cannot be avoided. Parental controls and kid’s location tracker apps can help you to have a full control on your child’s online surfing.

You can also check Mobile Location Trackers https://famisafe.wondershare.com/track/best-mobile-location-tracker.html

FamiSafe Parental App.

Finally, a parental app that can help parents to track their children’s locations and have a check on their activities without the kids realizing that. Isn’t it amazing! You can easily install it in both the devices and can control it through dashboard or web portal. Everything is just super easy. Don’t be panic over its installation or how you are going to use it. It is specially design for parents and for their convenience. Just few clicks and you are done with it.

How to use FamiSafe App?

FamiSafe is extremely easy to install and convenient to use.

1: Download the FamiSafe app from Google playstore/ App Store / Amazon. Or just simply visit https://famisafe.wondershare.com/ to have a quick Download.

2: Install the app in your mobile phone and in your child phone.

3: Sign up for free, and select the parent/kid option given below.

4: Enter your child’s Nick Name and his/her age

5: Activate the accessibility of famiSafe.

6: Turn on the usage access of “FamiSafe”

7: Allow the Read App Notification for FamiSafe.

8: Active Device Administrator.

9: Grant permission to activate contact list and location.

10: Finally, installation is complete! Now you can access the GPS location of your child in real time.

Also check out Cell Phone Trackers

FamiSafe your Savior!

FamiSafe is a savior for parents! It is a parental app that not only tracks the real time GPS location of your child but also does everything for you from setting screen time for your kids to block inappropriate adult content for them. As you know it also has a build in mobile location tracker or I must say “Kids location tracker” that can help parents to have a check on their kidos! It protects your child from cyber attackers and hackers.

Price Plans

In order to avail advance services, you can have our one of the most affordable price plans. They are made just for you and your kids. Safety comes first and you should never compromise on it especially when it comes to your children.
We have different offers and it’s up to you what better suits your budget.

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Final Words


Your kids are the most precious asset you have. Don’t let the internet and cyber attackers destroy their innocence and use them for their own benefits. As a parent, your child’s safety should be your top priority and we will love to serve you in this regards. The children are our future and together we will save our future in kid of child.

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