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How to Give Your Home a Makeover on a Budget?

by theskfeed

Home is where the heart is. It is the place you retire after a long and tiring day at work. The rooms of your home have a million stories to tell. Anything in life needs a makeover, so do the rooms of your home. You need not spend a fortune to makeover your home. By adding a pinch of color to bring life to the room and increasing the lighting also you can makeover your home. There are other ways mentioned below. 

Recreate your windows 

Windows are the soul to a home. It doesn’t cost you much to replace the windows. You can either replace or repair them. Adding paint to a worn-out window increases the aesthetic feel of the home to another level. Curtains/blinds are accessories to the windows of the home. Choose the color of the blinds/curtains complementing the color of paint used in the walls of your home. When you can’t afford expensive items to your home, the recreation of windows serves the need. 

Colorful entranceway

When the entrance is filled with different patterns and colors, it brings life to a lifeless space. The entrance of the home apart from the door space is void of any design usually, adding some patterns on the wall. Filling up the wall space with pot flowers and other design accessories rejuvenates the entire space. 

Bathroom makeover

When your entire home is all polished, the bathroom gets dirty and dull, it doesn’t feel nice. Apart from washing the bathroom tiles regularly, you need to change the faucet, basin material, and other spaces to give it a lifted look. If you want a more dramatic change, ExoTiles mosaic tiles can provide a unique and modern feature to give your bathroom the much-needed lift you desire.

Gallery Wall

The wall of the gallery has pictures from various occasions of your life. You can make a collage of different pictures and in some cases, you can even add some broken tiles to give it a patterned look. The gallery wall is the space of your home that drives past all old memories. 

Change the lighting

Adding yellow lights to a particular living space and changing the position of lights brings life to your room. There is a stark difference between well-lit rooms and lightly lit rooms. Also, place some sweet-smelling candles in insignificant corners of your home to give it a new feel.

Add some antique items 

You can add antique pieces in the living room and even in spaces where you have your me-time. This doesn’t cost you much. You can even create a theme based on which the placing and posting of items are done.

Add wallpapers to the boring wall

Not ready to paint those tired, boring walls? Try adding some wallpapers to give the much-needed look enhancement of the walls. You can add some modern, contemporary art to the wallpaper design and give a café like a look at the recreation space at your home. 

Have green spaces

It is nice to have a tiny garden on the roof of your home. In times of distress, you can spend some time in the grass meadows. Isn’t it nice to lie down in the grassy meadows, staring at the stars in the sky above and spending time with beloved ones? 

Hot tub for sauna experience at home

Not ready to spend at the expensive spas to have a sauna bath experience? A cheap inflatable hot tub is here to the rescue. You can pack this in a bag and carry it anywhere. 

There are other cheap makeover options as well. But these are good for your home and pockets as well. They increase the look of your home in a rapid manner. Investing in a makeover of your home is never a bad idea. 

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