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How safe are truck rental during Covid-19?

by Asif Ali

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives massively. Moving has never been easy and with the onset of this pandemic, it has become even more difficult. As we all know that the Memorial Day is considered the beginning of moving season in the U.S. but this year it is much more challenging than ever. Though many people are avoiding moving, many others have no choice but to move.

Moving can happen due to many reasons generally but nowadays it is happening more due to job change.Gas rates and interest rates in the U.S. are declining and that is the only attraction for the movers. People are opting for DIY moves. But the prime question here is. Is it safe to use truck rentals during Covid-19?’ the top rated truck rental companies state that health security is the prime issue and should not be neglected in any given situation.

Hiring a truck in Covid-19 should be decided only after complete research about the cleanliness policies of the company that you are planning to hire the rental truck from. You can read more about these professional truck rental services over here.

As we know that every move cannot wait and if you too have to hire a truck rental for your next move, please make sure you take care of all the tips given below to ensure the cleanliness protocols and social distancing measures of the company.

There are plenty of ways that you can use to keep you and your family safe from the virus even in this pandemic situation. Just make sure that you follow all the tips given below:

Ask the Rental Truck Company about Their Safety Measures 

Don’t assume but ask the rental truck company about the details of the safety measures that they will be taking during the move. Ask them what steps they will be taking to mitigate the risk of the coronavirus.

As we are well aware that coronavirus spread mainly through person-to-person contact, make sure that the company people have the provision of personal protective equipment. In case the truck will be driven by the company driver then make sure that the driver is tested before the move.

Get the Truck Disinfected

Get the rented truck disinfected right in front of your eyes before the move. Make sure that the rental truck company is using all the needed disinfectant material and at the right intervals. Also, wear proper personal protective equipment that may include cloth masks, gloves, shoe coverings, and of course face mask.

Make sure that you are wearing this PPE kit during the entire moving process to avoid bringing any virus to your home. Also, keep a distance of minimum 6 feet between you and the people that you have hired for moving the stuff.

Offer Hand-wash and Hand-Sanitizers at Regular Intervals

Make sure you offer hand-wash and hand sanitizers to your moving labour at regular intervals as washing and disinfecting your hands is one of the most important ways to mitigate virus. Use paper towels after hand-wash and avoid using your regular hand towels for the same. Ask your labour people to sanitize their hands before touching surfaces including stair railings, door-knobs, handles, and furniture.

Avoid Borrowing Packing Material

In regular times, it is always advisable to borrow packing material from but now in this pandemic, we will suggest you against it. Getting a used packing material can be dangerous. Even avoid seeking out used packing boxes from grocery and even online marketplaces. Also, make sure you get new packing material from a place that uses all the precautionary measures.

Sanitize the Rental Truck Thoroughly

Don’t forget to sanitize the rental truck thoroughly before driving it. Don’t think that you are being too conscious as it is the need in the current pandemic situation. It is highly recommended to sanitize each part of the cab of the truck including the steering wheel, seatbelt, and door handles. The back of the truck should be thoroughly washed and sanitized properly. Sanitize each of your moving boxes before and after loading them in the moving truck.

Many rental truck companies offer contactless services. They have intensified their sanitization practices with the onset of the pandemic. They sanitize their equipment, vehicles, and stores at regular and short intervals. Ask all these things before hiring a rental truck service.

Don’t Forget to Sanitize Everything Even After the Move

Don’t forget to disinfect each box and doorknobs of your house once the movers have left. Don’t take it lightly, and disinfect even if you have sanitized them in the presence of your movers.

Delay Your Move if Not Feeling Well

Don’t make the mistake of moving if you are feeling even slightly unwell. If you feel any symptom related to coronavirus then make sure you quarantine yourself and delay your moving process. Taking all these precautionary measures is a must to beat the pandemic. So if you are not feeling well, it is highly recommended to stay away from people and avoid coming in contact with people.

It is important that you deal only with the most professional truck rental services providers. The professionals leave no stone unturned in making their services perfect for the consumers as they take care of the safety and sanitation measures.

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