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How Can My Indonesia Startup Company Impart Its Own Legacy?

by theskfeed

It is true that anyone dead set on company incorporation Indonesia will have wondered about the future of the venture. Not surprisingly, this also means considering the startup company legacy. You should think about it first if you haven’t thought about it yet. It may determine the success of your company.

The People Who Will Dictate the Company Legacy

There are certain people who will influence the fate of the company, such as you actually. If you are aiming to leave behind a legacy, it pays to consider the impact of your venture on the community. If you are certain about the company goals, you can express this to your staff. Eventually, everyone connected to the company will know that there is a higher calling for this business.

Your decisions and actions will show that you are aiming to leave behind a legacy through your company. For some leaders, the company could be the legacy itself. They want to pass on the company intact and thriving to the next generation of leaders. For others, the legacy could be a socio-civic program that aims to uplift the plight of a particular community. This can also be passed on to the next generation.

Why Is It Important to Pass On a Legacy?

Anyone setting up company Indonesia probably knows that there is more to life than just earning money. The fate of the community is in your hands actually. This means company activities may make or break the fate of the community. In turn, people may live or die depending on what your company does. It won’t look very dramatic at the time but these are real possibilities.

The people who own a company with a legacy to pass on will bear in mind the welfare of the next generation. The legacy may start out small, such as collecting donations from company employees to give to a charity. But it may eventually expand in scope and depth, such as examining company policies regarding their impact on climate change.

If you are setting up a new company, you may consider hiring 3E Accounting Indonesia for our Business Advisory services. We may help you figure out your company legacy this early before it becomes necessary.

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