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How 5G is Going To Impact Our Streaming Experiences

by Asif Ali

Table of contents

  1. What is 5G Technology?
  2. 5G and Live Streaming
  3. A Game-changer for the Gaming World
  4. 5G is Great News For Netflix Addicts 
  5. Wrapping it up

Global wireless networks have been changing and evolving rapidly. From 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, we now have the latest, 5G, which is going to be much faster than any other previous generations of wireless connectivity. 

Some things that the 5G technology promises us include lesser lag time, faster internet speeds, buffer-free video streaming and faster downloading. To give you a rough idea about how fast 5G is, we can say that with 4G, you can download any HD video in 20 minutes and with 5G, you can download the same video in 40 to 50 seconds. 

What is 5G Technology?

By definition, 5G or 5th generation is the latest update in broadband cellular networks technology and a successor of 4G technology. Compared to 4G’s download speeds of up to 20

Mbps, 5G promises to deliver download speeds of up to 500 to 1500 Mbps. Users are excited for 5G due to one simple reason: faster internet, better streaming, easier lives. 

While 5G was meant to be easily available throughout all areas in cities by 2019, the reality is rather disappointing. This super-fast internet service is actually taking much longer to be readily available for all of us. Only a handful of ISPs are offering 5G services, and that too in only limited areas. Verizon and AT&T home internet service, and Spectrum are some of the very few providers with 5G services. 

However, considering Apple’s latest iPhones and some LG and Google phones are also fully equipped with 5G-compatibility, we can expect 5G to fully expand over the nation and replace all previous generations soon. 

The year 2021 is knocking at our door. Let’s see how 5G technology is going to impact our lives in 2021.

5G and Live Streaming

Live streaming has been a thing since 3G came into being and faster internet with lower buffering time became a reality. Just when we thought that wireless connectivity had reached its peak, 4G came into existence. Today, experts actually believe that 5G can change the future of live streaming. 

The need of the hour in terms of live streaming is that we need a bandwidth large enough that can send out live stream signals. 4K resolutions have already penetrated our lives, and we don’t want to, nor do we have to expect anything less from 5G live streaming. This latest generation of cellular network has the capability to bring us strong signals and five times the bandwidth that can accommodate 4K quality streaming. 

The coming year is actually lined up with some significant events that we can stream live via 5G internet services. One of the examples of such events is the Tokyo Olympics that were meant to be held in 2020, but have been postponed to July of 2021. Considering the rage about social distancing and minimal crowd gatherings, it is likelier that live streaming the Olympics will rather become a necessity and with 5G it wouldn’t be much of a hassle. 

A Game-changer for the Gaming World

Multi-player experiences in games has made many of us obsessed with gaming – especially during this year of quarantine and lockdowns. Now, 5G technology is going to dominate the future of gaming, making it a lot more fun and convenient to existing and new players. 

One thing that all gamers will agree with is the frustration with low download speeds. However now, we can expect an increase of up to 10Gbps when downloading or streaming games online. This is faster than even the 4G LTE cellular standard. 

Other than this, we can also prep ourselves and get ready for some really smooth and fast in-game actions with 5G’s decreased latency. 5G technology is going to reduce response time to mere milliseconds, making sure that our skills as gamers do not go to waste due to poor internet quality!

5G is Great News For Netflix Addicts

Providers like Spectrum, Cox, Optimum and AT&T home internet services are known for their valuable internet services that allow you to stream your favorite Netflix shows on your devices. However, the current network standards have limited bandwidth and capacity compared to the 5G technology. As a result, streaming 4K shows and movies on Netflix on multiple devices at a time sounds like a dream right now. 

With 5G in the game, streaming online shows and movies on all platforms will become much more seamless. You will be able to stream higher resolutions on multiple devices without experiencing any lags. 

4G and other predecessor internet generations are good enough for accommodating any one smart TV streaming Netflix. But now since video content is becoming widely popular for all sorts of users, streaming quality gets affected at peak usage times. Whether your kid is making TikToks, or your teenager watches Friends on Netflix, or you sit down to watch some news videos and talk shows, 5G cellular network will withstand all of it. 

In fact, 5G technology is significantly focused on video streaming quality. Faster download speed, greater capacity, low latency and higher reliability all make 5G worthy of wait.

Smarter Homes – Another Impact 5G Might Have In Our Lives

With enhanced capacity, 5G is said to have 1000x more capacity than regular 4g internet services we use today. As a result, the larger capacity will allow us to connect more device to any internet service. 

AI will be much likely to become more advanced and equipped with more enhanced functions and features. As we have already welcomed robot vacuums in our homes, 2021 might be the year we welcome much smarter AI devices. Due to higher latency and lower capacity, AI in smart home tech has not yet reached its full potential, but with the latest generation of cellular networking, this might become possible. 

Wrapping it up

It is needless to say that whether it is live streaming or mobile phone gaming, better resolutions and better speeds is what we all want. We have been waiting and expecting 5G to make it into our lives since 2019. Providers like AT&T internet are offering 5G cellular services in several

cities of the nation, but the reach is not yet nationwide. The coming year has us all hyped about new advancements in tech, and 5G is the highlight of it all. 


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