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High Quality Custom Boxing Shorts Online

by theskfeed

Remember the days when shopping your daily outfits was as simple as going to a store, picking a design, paying for it and voila! To your dismay, only to match with at least 10 other people wearing the same design at that mutual friend’s birthday bash?

Or that ice cream in those select three flavors that you had to love in just because there was no other option? So right, it was good, it was organic, it was ice cream, but what if you wanted some nuts tipped over that chocolate coating too? Maybe, back then, nobody cared. Or maybe, you never said you wanted that care.

What’s all the hype about anyway?

Over the past few years, though, increasingly, the customer has been demanding personalization. Brands and manufacturers have been under undeniable pressure to give in to that demand. From clothing to shoes to ice creams to your soda cans, several things have had at least a round of phase where they were put on customization and personalization; if not in the product then at least in the packaging.

What is so special about customization anyway?

You are in charge

Well, everyone’s been looking for the much hyped uniqueness in the things they used since forever. Only, it used to be rather unprofitable making businesses keep away from it. One key reason is the manufacturers’ access to more options to source their materials and without having to compromise on the quality.

At the end of the day, the customer has the power to choose without anyone losing out too much. Infinitude Fight is a prime example, offering high quality, premium, genuine leather customized boxing gear to the aspiring boxing pros. The 3D customizer even lets you design the gloves as well as boxing shorts and trunks to your liking.

Experience over product

Retail is no longer about selling or buying products. When you go to McDonald’s, what’s your priority?  Remember the speed of service, the variety they serve, the quality, the quantity, everything together making your experience with them satisfactory? Yes, that’s what we’re talking about. Customers like you now look for a holistic experience with a brand, not just the product, which in any case may be available with a few differences at another store.

So it goes without saying that when a brand is able to give you that holistic experience, you already know who is at the heart of it all, YOU! And c’mon let’s not forget that only companies with more technically sophisticated systems and well organized value chain would be able to really offer you a product customized or even personalized to your liking.

Let’s carry on with the example we took above, of boxing gear and help you see what matters most, over and above that liberty to design your own product.


What’s the use of having a product customized if the brand only delivers it in compromised quality. Talking about boxing gear, imagine using your time and effort in carefully choosing each and every detail of a loved design in boxing trunks; come the day of order delivery and you find it is but worse than what you could have bought at the corner shop for pennies but paid the cost of customization nonetheless.

It is indeed a value addition that cannot be without quality. The quality of material, printing, stitching, the finish, all has to be premium as it is in your Infinitude boxing gloves or even the custom boxing trunks and shorts.

Express delivery

No kidding. If it takes several months for them to hand you over the high quality, premium material, expensively finished boxing gear, trust us, you have only wasted your time with them. Trends these days, change almost overnight and so could your choice even in the highly personalized boxing gloves.

Always check for the delivery time and terms before you pick your brand. Infinitude, by the way, ships and delivers even a set of custom boxing shorts in no more than 2 weeks. Design your favorite set of gear and order away with Infinitude’s 3D customizer here.

Try it out and tell us if the 3 minutes claim to design the items is real, gets our adrenaline rushing to even think about how quick the process could be, from locking the design to having the customized boxing trunks and gloves in hand.

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