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Helping Elderly Stay Safe At Home

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How can we help the elderly stay at home?

“I cannot climb up the stairs; my knees hurt.” “I don’t want to leave this place. No other place will feel like home.”

These are some common statements shared by elderly people. Staying in their homes and planning happy aging in place is what their priority is. Studies have shown that the number of elders living all by themselves has gone up and so, it is extremely important to ensure their safety at home. Advancements in technology, effective home health care services, home renovations, good elderly care, and innovative products for elders make the dream of happy aging at home realistic.

Are you thinking of the key points to help elders stay safely at home? Read on to know such tips and make the elderly aging healthy and happy.

Tips for Elders to Stay Safe at Home

Planning safe and healthy aging in place is difficult but holds primary importance in the life of the elderly and their family. The first step is to think and plan for the help they might need in the near future. If the elders live alone, they might need a good home nursing care facility, a family doctor, or a good health advisor. Recalling the health history of the elder and their illnesses is important to plan helpful elderly care. Making sure that your loved ones are happy and staying fit and healthy at home is important. It is the first step the success key to ensuring the safety of elderly parents living alone at home. Appointing a caregiver, or assisting them in their daily activities of living becomes an essential part as their age increases.

What can we do to help elders stay safe at home?

Offering effective elderly care is important, be it in assisting them in daily chores, helping them with grooming, or making food for them. Here are some helpful ways one can assist elderly people to have happy and safe aging.

  1. Helping in Health Care.

If your loved elderly parents are living alone, you may consider offering home nursing care services to them. Keeping a daily check on their health, giving them care calls, planning their health and schedule can prove helpful for the elders.

Trying technological medicine reminders can help them in never missing their daily medicine doses. Planning a weekly health check-up to keep a track of health and illnesses is also a way out to keep the elderly safe and healthy at home.

  1. Maintaining Housing Safety.

Are you worried about fall hazards, or a fire breakout? These accidents are common for elders staying alone. Monitoring the fire sensors, home security systems, staircase, and lighting system are the primary concerns for a safe household.

Installing handlebars in the kitchen, washrooms, bedrooms, and getting the staircase maintenance done can assist the elders in avoiding fall hazards. Testing fire alarms regularly can avoid fatal accidents at home.

  1. 3. Keeping a Check on Your Loved Ones.

Staying connected with your elderly parents, especially when you live away from them seems important. Giving them regular calls just to talk to them about their health and asking them about their day can help them release off stress.

Helping them with a friendly home nursing care service can help your elderly parents have happy aging in place.

Emoha Elder Care provides 24/7 nursing care services to help elders living alone at home lead a happy life.

Following the happy to help policy, we keep our elders first. You may call on our toll-free number 1800-123-445555 for queries.

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