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Google Page Experience Update

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Google has announced a new signal called Page Experience, which plans to join a change of status by end of next year. You need to know about it.

What Is Google Page Experience?

Page experience is “a collection of signals that show how users feel the experience of interacting with their website is beyond the value of its information.” The ranking signal will be based on Google’s Core Web Vitals. “ Biggest Contently Paint (LCP), First enter put off (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). “

It Combines Existing Signals with Core Web Vitals Metrics

Google already has a number of signals related to its experience of users. It measures mobile friendliness, secure browsing, and use of HTTPS security. It also examines whether certain guidelines, such as intervening mediators, are being observed.

Google Page Experience update sign takes these existing signals and combines them with Core Web Vitals, “a collection of real-world, user-centric metrics which determine key factors of experience of users.” Especially, Core Web Vitals measure web page load time, interaction, and visual stability.

Page Experience Will Not Start Before 2021

Google page

Due to the continued Covid-19 epidemic, Google said that the experience of web page signal will not run until the end of the year and will give it six months’ notice earlier than it’s far launched.
Google Offers Tools for Core Web Vitals
Core Web Vitals became launched earlier this month, and Core Web Vitals has already been added to the Lighthouse, an open source tool for running technical site audits, and Google Page Speed ​​Insights. Google is additionally improving the Core Web Vitals improving its web console in its search console.

Page Experience Is Being Applied To Search

Clearly, page experience will apply to Google Search; however the company plans to apply it to its mobile top storage feature as well.
In particular, Google is eliminating the need to publish stories using AMP to Top stories. As a substitute a page which ranks well in terms of page experience. Where the AMP page is available, Google will retain to apply it for top stories, so this change may give publishers a reason to consider their AMP strategy.

What Will Be The New Page Experience? 

This new ranking factor will combine several aspects to evaluate the experience of users when they have interaction on a web page. Google intends to focus its attention on users and their browsing experience using its Core Web Vitals, safety aspects (secure browsing and HTTPS) and mobile friendliness. Read on for more information on Google’s Core Web Vitals, most recently launched in early May 2020.

The new page experience in 2021 will present the following elements of experience rating element:

  • Load Speed ​​(Core Web Vitals’ “Biggest Content Color” Element)
  • Response (delay first input from Core Web Vitals)
  • Visual Layout Stabilization (“Overall Layout Shift” from Core Web Vitals)
  • Mobile friendly URL
  • Secure and clean website code (Secure browsing without malware)
  • Use HTTPS encryption
  • There will be no intrusive interstitials

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