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Free PDF Watermark: Protect All Your Confidential Documents

by Mohsin Malik

The main reason for including a watermark in a PDF document is to secure confidential data. Although there are many PDF security options available, adding a watermark to the PDF files is the most typical means of keeping secret information safe. Employees in most firms will be required to communicate documents containing sensitive information with people both inside and outside the company. To discourage individuals from leaking documents and, to assist identify the source of the leak, organizations typically watermark these documents with identifying information. 

Watermarks can be used in PDF documents for a variety of reasons. It is defined as a specific piece of text or image that can be inserted under or in front of the document’s content. The watermark’s text, color, size, position, and angle can all be adjusted to meet the user’s needs and the visibility of the watermark can be modified. 

Free PDF Watermark Tool

With GogoPDF’s Add Watermark to PDF tool, you can make your PDFs more secure. Select whether you want to add a text or image watermark to your PDF document. You can also specify exactly where the watermark should appear on the document. Let’s take a look at this Free PDF watermark tool. 

How to Add a Watermark to a PDF Document:

  • Choose the PDF files that you want to use from your computer. You may also drop your PDF file into the conversion box by dragging it there.
  • Type the text or upload a photo of the image you’ll use as a watermark. Select where you want your watermark to appear, then click the Add Watermark button.
  • Allow the watermarking procedure to finish, this could take a few moments.
  • Send your watermarked PDF file via email or save it to your device. Your watermarked PDF can also be shared across all of your social media accounts.

GogoPDF’s PDF Watermark Tool Highlights

  • Using a watermark to brand your PDF, use a watermark to claim ownership of your PDF. You can make the necessary modifications and save the watermarked PDF file to your computer.
  • Easily add watermarks to your PDF, selecting the text or image for your watermark, and the position of the watermark on the pages of your document takes only a few minutes. 
  • GogoPDF is completely committed to our client’s privacy. To protect the customers’ privacy, all files submitted to our server are automatically removed after one hour.
  • Compatibility with operating systems and platforms. 
  • Make your watermark personalized, adding a personal touch to your watermark using the GogoPDF online tool. 
  • Cloud storage that is safe,  without installing any software, you may add a text or logo watermark to a PDF. Everything is done online and preserved in the Cloud.

Authenticity and Security

Adding a watermark to a PDF file can be done for a variety of reasons, but the two most important are authenticity and security. The watermark on PDF files is embedded and cannot be changed, unlike other stamps. 

  • The use of a watermark in the document alerts the reader to the fact that it includes highly secret information. As a result, watermarking prevents recipients from making any changes to the document and confidential information can be safeguarded. Watermarks can also be used to protect intellectual property, ensuring that the work contained in the PDF document is not misused or copied, watermarking is one of the most effective techniques to prevent illegal copies of documents that belong to a specific company or individual. Watermarks, which are used to represent the ownership of PDF documents, can be used to show who owns them.
  • Watermarking is also important for indicating whether the text contained in the PDF file is original or duplicate. It’s also used to categorize document types like invoices and receipts, which is crucial in all businesses. 

Tips for Adding a Watermark

Choose your watermark position wisely

Adding a watermark is one of the most difficult tasks. Keep in mind that an irregularly placed watermark can detract from the vision. A watermark should be placed in the center of the image/document, not on a solid or smooth background, as this might be easily removed. Watermarks should not be placed on the sides because they will be easy to crop or scale. Your watermark can be blended in with the design element. Your watermark should also be large enough that it cannot be erased without compromising the image’s quality.

Semi-transparent watermarks are always preferred

For your photographs or papers, semi-transparent watermarks are preferable because they are less obtrusive. It can safeguard your photo/document while remaining relevant to your audience.

Keep your watermark informative

As a watermark, you can use your website address or social media handles. This will also assist you in developing your brand. This way, if your paper or image is shared someplace, your potential client will be able to find you. However, don’t include everything; your website URL or social media handles may suffice.

Words of Advice

Is it necessary to watermark your documents? One of the most often unreported crimes in the world is content theft. Unless you have solid evidence to indicate that the content belongs to you, you have a small possibility of proving it. The internet is no longer easy. How can you keep your research, knowledge, or intellectual property safe in this maze of data? It is up to you to bear the brunt of the responsibility.

Because even PDF files protected by Digital Rights Management solutions are not secure, watermarking is an important aspect of the security of PDF documents. Taking screenshots or recording a video of the document can be used by the thieves as an alternate technique of stealing the information. As a result, using a watermark is the most effective way to prevent electronic abuse of the data contained in a PDF file.

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to use, the final and most crucial step is to act! Don’t put it off until it’s too late. Don’t wait until your hard work is in the hands of someone else. Take steps to safeguard your intellectual property. Check out the Watermark PDF tool from GogoPDF to ensure security on all your important documents!

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