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Four Signs That You Need Immediate Pest Control Service

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Are pests ruining your expensive rugs or spreading foul smell through your house? This could be a sign that you may need to opt for pest control. With the present trend of “do it yourself”, you may come across videos and articles that tell you pests are easy to deal with. Sure, you can deal with a fly or a few cockroaches! But it is essential to know when to call for the experts.

Ants, mice, cockroaches, wasps or bed bugs, each type of pest require some specific procedure for extermination. So for instance, if you have an ant infestation in your house, here are the signs that indicate it is time to call Detroit ant control.

Daytime Appearances of Pest

One of the first signs that you need to opt for pest control is daytime sightings. In fact, the old adage about pests says one cockroach in sight means a hundred more are living inside. While there may be a slight exaggeration in the numbers, this adage has proved to be correct. 

Most pests, including ants, avoid coming out during the daytime. If they are risking it, it could mean that the population has reached its peak point. In such circumstances, home remedies usually don’t give much relief.

 Inexplicable Bite Marks

Another sign, which is especially true in the case of ant and wasp infestations, are inexplicable bite marks. Although you may not see the pest, they often come out from their hiding at night and leave such a bite mark. Just applying ointments on the bites is not enough. It is vital to exterminate them totally. Since children are more prone to get attacked by pests, use nets and sprays to keep them safe till pest control can be called.

Since the pests are preying on you, they are high chances that they might get into your food as well. Store all food items carefully to avoid the spread of infections. 

Appearance of Eggs

A common sight when ants take over your house is the pile of eggs that they leave in every possible corner. The eggs hatch into more ants and add to the problems that you are already facing. Ant eggs are unusually small in size and usually appear in clusters.

Do not just stop at destroying the eggs. There may be several other unidentified corners with such piles. Only professional experts will know how to deal with such a situation. 

DIY Methods Are Not Working 

Most people rely on DIY when they first come across a colony of ants in their house. If the steps you took have led to their successful termination, you may need to go for additional measures. But if they fail, there is no other way except calling for the experts.

Calling for professional service does have a price tag attached to it. But it would help if you remembered that letting the pests remain in your house can cost you higher. Above all, getting the pests out through professionals gives you mental peace. So, identify the signs and call for the experts at the right time.

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