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Everything You Need to Know About Olymp Trade

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Olymp Trade is one of the most common sites for online trading that helps people to spend less and gain high. Since 2014 the site has supported consumers and proven to be successful for people involved in online trading. Olymp Trade offers Fixed Time Traders and FX that distinguishes it from other trading assets because they have a detailed asset chart. 

know everything about olymp trade

know everything about olymp trade

Olymp Trading Wiki is an international online trading fan base website which since 2014 has been providing attractive conditions for making money on the online financial sector. A small admission cap allows Trade open to traders with some capital on the Trading platform.

In this review, I will describe all the tools that Olymp Trade will deliver, including account forms on sale, sample account functionality and authentication, how well the smartphone trading software works, and how to execute the plan.

Types of Account

 According to Olymp Trading Wiki’s Information, the account is generally of two types:


You have to deposit a total of $10 to establish a free account. Okay, that’s just a really low amount. Investors are required to offer at least $1 and $2,000 at the max. The minimum payment for withdrawal is $10, even though no cap is set. You only will make one withdrawal for the day. To tackle withdrawals, this takes about 3 days.


To be eligible for a VIP account you will pay at least $2,000. This package provides additional benefits which the normal policy does not have. The fund of VIPs raises the average trade value to $5,000. The big advantage is interacting with a VIP handler. VIP experts are professionally qualified and influential market analysts. It also opens the door to new opportunities to help your education and change that.

Trading Strategy of Olymp Trade

The firm has completely non-spread dealing, showing just one price per each of the 42 shares. In addition to currency pairs, this set contains coins and services. The company will demand one of the industry’s lowest sector penetration prices, with an initial cost of only USD 10 / EUR. The minimum investment value is 1 USD / EUR, based on the form of product, and the leverage ranges from 1:5 to 1:200. The leveraging is performed in a more basic way of the Multiplier Scale.

The vital “Take Profit” and “Stop Risk” risk reduction mechanisms are followed by a “Stop Out” feature, which stops the losses from ever reaching deposits. Trading stops completely before the money you have invested is used up. Olymp Trade (OT) seeks to give access to customers, irrespective of the ability of the applicant. OT was introduced in 2014 but now the website has more than 200,000 users each month. OT has no hidden charges or incentives, and no investment expenses on the withdrawal.

Olymp Trade provides its clients with a broad variety of currency pairs, utilities, and money transfers. OT is rated by both its customers and peers to be a reliable trading firm and has been the 2018 Best Trading Company according to Forex Awards. OT customers trade Forex over a state-of-the-art custom analytics tech network. OT is dedicated to educating its customers that provides online workshops, connections to professional traders, and other media in different languages, and customer service 24 hours a day in 13 languages.        

Benefits of Using Olymp Trade

  • A variety of payment options are offered by the company: Visa and Mastercard, electronic wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, etc., Bitcoin, and local banks. For regular users, the time for handling a removal request is on average 24 hours, and for VIP buyers, several hours. Most trading terms require a reasonable and transparent fee on establishing a position and a swap amount. No closure fee will be paid. The retailer would have no additional costs when depositing or removing funds-because they will be borne by Olymp Dealing.
  • Olymp Trade is also paying careful attention to education – traders will find on the company’s website many useful instructional resources, including blogs, webinars, and video guides on important trading aspects. The technical support desk employs 24/7 multi-lingual expert workers, who can be contacted by e-mail, mobile and live chat, would also be eligible for timely and effective responses. Six famous company awards such as the Screen FX World Prize and Forex Expo showed Olymp Trade’s strong quality of services.
  • The initial deposit starts from $10. It is a perfect time to create the first purchases, remove revenues, and maintain a financially stable business.
  • Trading at Olymp also benefits its clients. It’s competitive on social media like Facebook, YouTube competitions and advertisements are going continuously. Multilingual customer service operates 24/7 and in a tough scenario, professionals are still available to respond.


 Olymp Trade can also be a good option for those looking for alternatives to binary trading on smartphones. The app is designed with new consumer awareness, taking time to develop information, and an engaging display. Olymp Trading wiki is an online website where you can find all the necessary tips and suggestions for successfully implementing your Olymp trade.

In either event, there’s no reason to worry because the international financial commission ensures the assets of both customers.

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