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Does and Don’ts for YouTube Subscribers

by theskfeed

When you try to start with a popular YouTube channel, many “experts” tell you how to create an attractive video and how to interact with your audience in order to get more subscribers and views. Here I’m going to warn you about something you should pay attention to or something you should avoid.

What You Should Do?

To get more views and establish a loyal subscriber base, you definitely should:

1.Register YouberUp for 1000 free subscribers instantly. 

YouberUp is a free app dedicated to helping any YouTubers to get unlimited free YouTube subscribers from real accounts, and increase high-quality views and likes for their videos. All of your requested tasks can be quickly handled within 24 hours. Gradually driving subscribers, views, or likes to your account in a reasonable time.

get youtube views by youberup

get youtube views by youberup

Search YouberUp on Google Play to download and install it on your Android phone. Create an account and login with it, and you will get 1000 free coins. With these coins you can get free YouTube views, subscribers, or likes for your videos. I’ll show you how to get 1000 free subscribers instantly with YouberUp.

Tap the heart-shaped menu at the bottom and you will enter the “Pricing Plan” page, where you can switch between Views, Subscribers and Likes. Tap Subscribers, input your YouTube channel URL and click the search icon. Select a plan and click the “Get Subscribers Now” button. YouberUp will start to deliver subscribers to your channel. 

You can check the progress of the task from the task list.

youberup task list

youberup task list

By watching videos, subscribing to channels, or liking videos, every YouberUp user can easily earn endless coins that can be used to get massive free subscribers, views, and likes.

  • Post frequently and consistently. 

You don’t want to keep your viewers waiting once they’ve already trusted you and look forward to your content. Picky viewers might even check how often your channel posts before actually subscribing to your channel. After all, why should they subscribe to a channel that doesn’t even provide the content as often as they should?

  • Reply to as many comments as you can. 

Interacting with your audience will make them feel more welcome and acknowledged. When you reply to comments, it appears more like a 2-way communication which establishes a bond with your potential customers. Though it may not be possible to reply to every comment on every video, replying to as many comments as possible is a great way of establishing loyal subscribers, who can turn into loyal customers.

  • What You Shouldn’t Do

  1. Once you get sponsors, you shouldn’t advertise them too much. We understand that it is your job to mention your sponsors so that they can get advertised (which is why they sponsored your video), but they are not the focus of the entire video. The script should be well crafted and include the sponsor in a subtle manner. 
  2. Don’t make your videos too long. People simply don’t have the time. Even if they do, they don’t want to spend that much time. Get to the point as fast as possible. Your video should consist of: 
  • The point you want to make
  • Reasons for you making that point 
  • Examples of the point you have just made.

All of these should be done in a creative manner that informs, entertains and engages viewers.

  1. Further, do not give anyone the chance to prove you wrong. Voicing an opinion or any kind of content is bound to be followed by some controversy. However, dishonesty and bad propaganda against your content will be your downfall.

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