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Do Companies Value the Doctorates of Business Administration Over MBAs?

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The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is considered the highest level of business qualification possible to acquire in the current educational system. It is the value that the certificate in business administration holds, which makes all the difference when getting hired. Read on to find out why recruiters tend to prefer candidates with a doctorate in business administration over those holding a postgraduate degree. 

In terms of course content, the MBA is considered as a general management degree that comes along with a strong practical approach. The course curriculum of an MBA program is structured to help you build up your knowledge through various study materials, intriguing lectures, case studies, or interaction with industry professionals, professors, foreign students or international businesses. DBA, on the other hand, includes all of this and more! It is a research program where you get the power to change the face of the future of business.

Doctorates of Business Administration

This higher education aims to enable you to solve managerial problems, as well as become a researcher. You will get the opportunity to publish in academic journals your innovative thoughts and ideas about the business world. Students will become proficient at handling methodological tools to generate newly established perceptions as an academic.

Spending a lot of time reading about the business theories that are already taught in the MBA, is pretty much how you are going to spend your crucial hours. After completing a DBA degree you can choose to become a researcher in the field of business and management.

Employers choose DBAs over MBA as business professionals who want to develop a new route for business success. If you are looking to increase their job options, get more managerial knowledge, qualify for a leadership position, nominate yourself for a promotion or build a network for developing new business ventures, then DBA is the way to go.

Do Companies Value the Doctorates of Business Administration Over MBAs?

Recruiters perceive DBA is individuals who are mature and have substantial work experience than a professional with just a master’s degree. Some executive MBAs may be of the same age and work experience but typical DBA students will have a different set of business vision and career goals. DBA students are most likely to have a successful business career with a couple of academic research papers published. They are looking to land lucrative careers to broaden their knowledge, and become qualified researchers at the same time. They exercise a flexible profession who can move between the academic world and business sector at any point of their career.

The MBA and DBA professional outlook is quite different and comprises specific qualities that different employers seek. By obtaining a DBA, you will become an expert who knows how to do research, as well as exudes better managerial qualities. Most students tend to give their best to compete for the DBA position as it targets jobs such as senior executives and demands dedication towards your business study. If this has sparked your interest in business research, then apply to a program soon!

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