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Difference Between VPS And Dedicated Hosting (Free Guide)

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Difference Between VPS And Dedicated Hosting

Difference Between VPS And Dedicated Hosting

If you have recently joined the digital world, it is normal for you to have doubts about what a hosting is and what it is for, or if you should buy a VPS or a dedicated server. I will make a brief summary of each of these options and in which cases they are / should be used. Do not make the mistake of buying something that you will not need, because you will be throwing your money away.

What is a hosting?

Generally, the mistake is made of thinking that a hosting is only a basic hosting one for a web page. When in fact the word hosting itself, it refers to any type of accommodation.However, you will find the definition of Basic, Advanced or Professional Hosting when referring to hosting for a web page.

A hosting, whatever its type and whenever it refers to hosting for a single website, is a small portion of a larger server that we can buy for our private use (hosting our website). Depending on whether it is basic, advanced or professional, you will have more or less resources. And depending on the traffic and characteristics of our website, we will need one or the other. This option is ideal when we have a single web page with little traffic. We can find a basic hosting from one or two dollars onwards, with the usual price being about five dollars per month.

What is a VPS?

VPS is an acronym for Virtual Private Server, which is nothing more than more extensive hosting than the previous example of basic hosting.

When a VPS is hired, a virtualized part of a server is being hired , where they generally assign us exclusive resources (certain RAM, Cores, HD space, etc …).

Sometime on Free VPS we can install the operating system that we want (the most common being Linux for being free and very efficient) and a limited number of web pages to complete these resources.

This option is focused on people who need a performance superior to that of a basic or professional hosting. People who generally have multiple pages and an average level of traffic.

Remember that most VPS are not managed, that is, we will be responsible for configuring them from start to finish . Or failing that, hire a sysadmin that does it for us.

We can find a VPS from about ten euros a month, with the price of one of average quality between twenty and forty euros a month. If administered, the price will be higher.

Note that the price of a VPS is not only measured by its quality, but also by the amount of resources assigned to it.

What is a dedicated server?

We speak of a server when we have a whole machine at our disposal, to give an example, the server is the older brother of the VPS. On a server we can install several VPS and many basic or advanced hosting.

The server is mainly used for very large and heavily trafficked websites , pages that require a lot of resources or a higher level of security.

As with the VPS, generally a dedicated server comes unmanaged and it will be our responsibility to install the necessary software to make our web pages work.

We can find dedicated servers from fifty euros a month, the price being much higher as more resources are assigned.

What is a Cloud?

Cloud itself is not a service, it is an expression that refers to “The cloud”. It is something that is very fashionable lately and consists of a hosting system based on several servers.

In reality, there is no cloud itself, as many think, but it is simply a shared data virtualization system to improve performance and be able to expand or reduce resources without affecting the installation.

We can find a basic hosting hosted in the cloud, a VPS Cloud or a dedicated Cloud Server. For large projects it is recommended to use a Cloud for its benefits, for small ones it is indifferent.

What hosting does my website need?

90% of web pages are personal blogs of people who want to start sharing ideas, knowledge or opinions online. Also people who decide to start a business and want to make themselves known online.

For this type of web pages you don’t need a great hosting, in reality with a basic quality hosting is more than enough , so it is not necessary to have programming knowledge or make a high outlay of money.

If our website begins to grow and we are already over 5,000 or 10,000 visits a day, then the time has come to migrate to a VPS. In addition, we can install more web pages with similar characteristics.

When we have a web page that requires advanced level security or has a brutal volume of traffic, then we must think of a dedicated server. Web pages dedicated to the dissemination of videos also require a server.

If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments and I will help you solve it.

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