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How to Choose Custom Cabinetry for Your Kitchen

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When renovating a home or even just making changes in the kitchen, many people opt for custom cabinetry. Rather than choosing standard options, they want cabinetry specifically designed and made for the space in their kitchen. You don’t have to worry about inefficient space utilization, cabinets that are too small or too large, or anything like this. You know the benefits, so this leaves just one question…how do you choose custom cabinetry?

Word of Warning

We’re glad you’re here today because it’s not always the case that everything about custom cabinetry is actually, well, custom. Also, we’ve heard stories of poor-quality custom cabinetry. With this in mind, it’s important to pay attention to the information we have today.

Unique or Set Doors?

With some providers, you might be disappointed to discover a poor selection of door styles. On the other hand, specialists will design your own style to match the decor of the kitchen. If you want to design your own door style, make sure you choose a provider that allows this.

custom cabinetry for kitchen

Bulk Manufacturing or Handcrafting?

When it comes to custom cabinetry, another assumption is that everything will be made to order. In reality, this isn’t always the case. When choosing a provider, ask whether they craft doors, boxes, and crafters by hand. If you’re happy to choose cabinetry manufactured in bulk, this isn’t so much of a problem.

Wood Products or Solid Wood?

This one might sound confusing, but it’s a valid concern because there’s a difference between solid wood and wood ‘products’. If you want quality above all else, you will need cabinets that use solid wood. If you aren’t careful with this wording, you’ll end up with manufactured wood products, and these are inferior in quality, stability, and life expectancy.

Most Sizes or All Sizes?

Although this comes back to the manufactured or hand-crafted debate, it’s important to note the ‘any size vs most sizes’ debate. When the provider doesn’t make the cabinets to order, they will choose the closest to your needs and potentially use filler pieces to cover wasted space. When the cabinets are made just for you, the size will be perfect for your kitchen and the shape of the room.

Precision or Lack of Function?

Next up, cabinets don’t work alone, and this is something that often goes forgotten. It’s not just a box in the wall; instead, you need to think about how the drawers close, the functionality, and even lighting across the whole room. While paying for custom cabinetry, you may as well opt for high-end functions and aesthetics.

Unique Accessories and Finishes or Standard Options?

After going to all the effort of solid wood, unique design, and other steps, you don’t want to then ruin the whole project with poor accessories and finishes. When choosing a provider, ask about their range of accessories and finishes. Hopefully, you’ll find one that offers an opportunity to impart your own style on the finish. With cabinetry playing such an important role in the kitchen, this is a chance to show your personality and impress guests when they walk into the room.


There’s little point choosing custom cabinetry if you can’t fine-tune the sizing, features, accessories, finish, and other areas. What’s more, we think it’s better to have solid wood and choose a provider that handcrafts their cabinets. When a business offers this service, you’ll find it much easier to install cabinetry that complements the room in terms of lighting, aesthetics, and more!

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