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COVID-19 Why Commercial Cleaning Services are More in Demand than Ever?

by theskfeed

You probably are aware of the global pandemic that has gotten everyone running for their safety. We recently found out that the best way for combatting Covid-19 is to make sure that we wash our hands properly. The thing that everyone realizes is that it does not stop there. We know that the virus is transmitted by touch and now know that it can also be transmitted from the air. So, when a person sneezes, he can effectively distribute the germ everywhere. To make sure that the environment is clean and germfree our surroundings need to be disinfected.

Given the severity of the matter, only professional commercial cleaning services can provide that level of disinfection.  We will look at some of the places that need them most and why only a professional janitorial service provider like Jan-pro can provide the quality of disinfection required.

Hospitals and Clinics Need it Most.

We all know hospitals and clinics are the most sensitive of places where patients with all kinds of health problems and diseases end up. Given the current Corona pandemic, the hospitals are filled to brim with patients suffering from this terrible disease. To prevent the spread of this as well as other disease-causing germs the hospital needs to be constantly disinfected. It is not regular disinfection that can be done through normal means.

The chemicals used need to be strong enough to kill the germs but safe enough so that people don’t get harmed. These chemicals known as hospital-grade chemicals are used by only the best commercial cleaning services. Also, the cleaning tools are the best and most effective in cleaning.

Some Stores Can Never Close

This global pandemic has changed how businesses function. Usually when some searched for “commercial cleaning services near me”

Megastores and stores that carry groceries cannot close. They carry foodstuff which is essential for survival regardless of the severity of the pandemic. To make sure that the environment of the store is safe for their customers as well as employees, the stores need to have regular disinfection. Although people are also required to take precautions, one can never be certain that they don’t have germs on them. The food and other items, as well as their racks and storage units, are touched by many hands.

How many of those hands were infected one can never be certain. As with hospitals, the store requires disinfection of that level with chemicals strong enough to kill germs yet keep the people comfortable. The importance of commercial cleaning services is truly understood as only they can offer such disinfection services.

Offices That Need to Stay Open

Besides grocery stores and hospitals certain offices have to remain open. Especially those that provide support services to these places and society in general. The police and fire department, the foodstuffs manufacturers and other essential goods’ manufacturers cannot be closed.

They need to keep their offices open and their employees must come to work. For them to have a safe environment these offices look towards the services of commercial cleaners to not only disinfect but keep the office clean. We can write a whole article on the relation between a clean office and productivity but simply put, it makes sense and keeps the staff happy.

Residences Too

This global pandemic has changed how businesses function. Usually when some searched for “commercial cleaning services near me” it was for a business or a factory.  That has changed so much so that now people are calling professional disinfection services. These service providers usually only work in the commercial sector. Now they are asked to clean and disinfect houses and apartments and make them germ-free. In the past commercial cleaning companies would never have thought to service residences. Their cost is usually not afforded by homeowners, but given the severity of the issue, people are paying through the nose to keep their houses germ free. When the demand is there and the money too many of these cleaning businesses were more than happy to oblige.

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