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Construction Workforce Management: Tips For Improvement

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Unfortunately, construction projects too often suffer delays and exceed budgets. For home and business owners who have set aside precious funds and time for construction, these delays and budget increases can be devastating. As a construction contractor, what can you do to improve the workplace management of your projects? Here are some useful tips for improvement.


Communication is one of the most essential tools to effectively developing a project and ensuring that all relevant needs are met. Good communication can turn a delay that could have angered clients into a simple step in the construction process. Make a goal of overcommunicating. Checking the details helps to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Great communication is the first line of defense against bad estimates and delays.

Time management

Managing the time of every worker on your construction crew can be a challenge, but effective time management is essential. Too often, safety or company regulations require one worker to be present before work begins. Still, scheduling causes other workers to be there first. Essential personnel should be on-site first so that every hour on the site is well-spent. By carefully organizing your workers’ time, you can dramatically improve the budget and deadlines of your project.

Go digital

Paperwork directly takes away from the time that your team spends working on projects. Extended paperwork processes also delay the time before a project can begin. By going digital, you can streamline billing, payment, estimates, code inspection, and more to save time and make it easier for your workers to meet deadlines.

Utilize available data

Data is essential for every business in the digital age, and that doesn’t exclude construction. By using the data that you have regarding workflow time, types of projects, and time spent to complete them you can help to form future plans accurately based on existing trends specific to your business.

Check your employees

Your employees may be using their tools as little as 50% of the time. This is a huge waste of money and time for you and your clients. It is essential to consistently evaluate your employees’ days to search for and employ time-saving methods. Organizing how your employees begin their work, set up their equipment, and handle materials takes time and effort, but it can save you significant time and money. Here are some ways to develop how your employees work.

  • On-site travel. Organize travel so that your employees move as little as possible throughout their workdays, saving more time for work
  • Material. The material should be there and ready when your employees are ready to get to work. Organize your material delivery to optimize work time.
  • Tools unloading. Keep tools organized in a way that makes it easier for your employees to unload tools with every job.
  • Site prep. Make sure that anyone at the site first is already working on-site prep with procedures designed to get this step out of the way quickly.
  • Site cleanup. Don’t let site cleanup dawdle. Make sure that this step is optimized for rapid cleanup.

Make Highly Efficient Processes

Don’t stick with a process just because it is the way that your business has functioned previously. You want methods that are extremely efficient from the beginning to the end, every time. Great, effective processes make for effective management.

Build a Great Construction Management Plan

The best construction management plan for your company will collect and analyze data effectively. Data analysis gives your business the tools that it needs for the management of time and budget. Go digital and stay connected to organize your workforce as effectively as possible.


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