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Everything you need to know about construction project management

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Every construction project has many complex processes and timelines. There are multiple stakeholders running multiple tasks at the same time. The construction project manager is responsible for monitoring these tasks and list the efficiency of the construction project. Effective communication is a part of effective construction management. All these tasks are involved in the process of construction project management. In this article, we are going to list important information that you will need to know about the construction project management. 

So let us start from the basics of project management. 

What is construction project management? 

This refers to the direction and supervision of a project from start to end. It also includes the regulation and the process of monitoring. There are technical parameters involved in this like budget allocation and calculation. It also comprise of communication plan among all the stakeholders ranging from designers to the construction cost estimators. There are individuals responsible for the effective project management and they are called project managers. 

Who is a project manager? 

A project manager is a person responsible for overlooking the project processes. The sole responsibility of keeping the project moving according to the plan lies with him. He must make sure that the project is moving with the schedule and the budget is in synchronization. In doing so, he has to be fully aware that the building codes and plans are being followed. 

The tasks of project managers include the cost management as well as the quality, time and safety management. 

Principles of construction project management:

There are certain principles of construction project management that the project managers must be aware of and must follow while supervising a construction project. These are as follows: 

Checking the feasibility of the project: 

Before starting the construction phase, it is very important to make a feasibility report of the project that you are going to undertake. Figure out the ease and the reason behind the building project. Compare your cost estimation with the timeline of the project and establish whether the budget is in line with the construction needs and activities. Also, identify the risks and the potential issues that can occur while the construction is ongoing and create a contingency plan accordingly. This is an important phase of construction and one of the important principles of construction management. 

Effectively plan the project: 

Effective planning of the project is important for making sure that the construction is successful. For effectively planning your project, you will need to have a scope document. The scope document must include the scope of the project and must clearly define the goals. 

After having a scope analysis, the planning phase must include the bifurcation of the tasks and work items. It is a good practice to divide the work into small doable units that are not only easy to understand but also achievable. Dividing the tasks makes it easy for all the stakeholders to understand and translates into a more effective implementation. 

There must be a detailed plan of communication as well. This way all the parties involved will have a clear path of communication. This is important for the smooth transition as well as the completion of the project. 

Project management also includes the ability to manage risks and issues. Risks are a part of every construction project and require due attention for resolution. Hence, the project manager must be aware of the risks involved and must have the plan ready accordingly. 

Implementing the plan: 

This comprise of the process for starting the construction project. This is done by holding a kickoff meeting among the parties and understanding the start of the construction process. All the parties and stakeholders decide on the resources assignment for the implementation of the plans. A criterion is decided for task tracking and updating the plans and the schedules. 

Monitor the performance: 

Monitoring and supervising is important as it ensures the quality of the work in line with the cost management of the processes. It is to check that the tasks are executed and implemented as planned and in accordance with the timeline of the project. The project manager must monitor the work of the parties and must keep an eye on the budget restraints and estimations. Effective management of the project includes a strict criterion for monitoring the task progress and completion. 

Project completion or closure: 

In case of project completion or closure of the construction work due to any circumstances, all the stakeholders once again hold a meeting and scrutinize the process. All the remaining tasks are listed in case there are some. An analysis of budget allocation and estimation is done to see whether the estimated budget fulfilled the requirements or are there any additional resources spent on the project. Reporting is also an important task.

Tools of project management: 

In order to fulfil these principles, the project managers have some tools through which they keep a track of processes and estimates. Project management is not an easy task and hence require expertise of many areas and fields. It is not easy to keep track of things. Technology is an important factor in this regard and is also a great help. The tools that the project managers use for the purpose of monitoring and keeping a track of resources and tasks include the Gantt charts, team scheduling, dashboards etc. 

They store data on cloud-based tools for accessing it on time and in case of any contingency plan. They also use email alerts to keep all parties informed and in check. Project managers make timesheets of the project process to keep an estimate of time required for completing the project as well as the time estimated. These tools are of great help for the project managers for keeping a check on the resources. They have task lists where the tasks of every party are listed. This makes it easy for them to know which tasks are completed and which require more work. 

Construction project management is a complex and hectic field and requires the knowledge and expertise accordingly. The principles of management ensure the implementation and completion of work in an organized manner and the tools help the project managers in delivering the quality work. Owners, project management, team members, designers, facility managers, public administration, subcontractors, workers, construction estimating services and suppliers, banks insurance companies, competitors, media  and all other stakeholders are taken on board and this is how the management works.

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