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Common Pedestrian Injuries Resulting from Car Accidents

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A large number of car accidents happen in Los Angeles resulting in pedestrian injuries. The worst thing about these injuries is that they are usually extremely serious. The fatality rate among injured pedestrians is also remarkably high. That’s because pedestrians can’t be protected by seat belts nor do they wear any protective gear. The section below would educate you about some of the most common pedestrian injuries resulting from car accidents. You will also get to know about situations that result in auto accidents involving pedestrians 

Common Car Accident Types That Injure Pedestrians 

Crosswalk Collision: Cars trying to make a left-hand turn often end up hitting pedestrians on the crosswalks. This happens mostly during the night when the motorists fail to clearly see people walking in front of their car. Distracted driving is another common cause of crosswalk collision. Pedestrians can, however, decrease their chances of falling prey to such accidents by wearing reflective clothing or carrying a flashlight. Such items will make these people visible to any driver approaching them. 

Parking Lot Accident: Drivers may end up hitting people around their car when trying to back out or pull into parking lots. As a result, you must always remain extra cautious when walking through parking lots. Using the phone, headphones, or any other electronic device might turn out to be fatal for you. Also, don’t commit the mistake of walking between two parked vehicles. 

Hit and Run Accident: These accidents can occur under various circumstances. Pedestrians can get hit by distracted drivers, drunk drivers, as well as new drivers who are yet to learn the nitty-gritty of driving. 

Common Pedestrian Injuries 

Soft Tissue Damage: This is an umbrella term used for a plethora of injuries including lacerations, contusions, dislocations, tears, sprains, and strains. Usually, a victim of soft tissue damage doesn’t need much time to recover. However, this type of injury can cause debilitating symptoms like scars and severe pain. Additionally, soft tissue damage may result in long-term health issues.

Fractures: A large number of individuals looking for pedestrian injury help from lawyers and medical practitioners have bone fractures. The body parts that develop fractures most frequently are legs, arms, wrists, hands, back, and shoulders. One may also suffer from major bone breaks, for instance, compound fractures. Such injuries can make the victim suffer from excruciating pain; some may also need to undergo amputation. 

Traumatic Brain Injury: A traumatic brain injury or TBI can be a life-altering injury for the victim. It might cause temporary or permanent disability, memory loss, etc. Elderly patients might develop dementia after a traumatic brain injury. Death is also a common outcome of TBI. Some of the common signs of TBI include headaches, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, fatigue, sleep problems, lost consciousness, lost coordination, and so on. 

Injury to the Spinal Cord: Many pedestrians develop spinal cord injuries after being hit by vehicles on the back. Recovery from such injuries takes time and needs prolonged care. 

Final Words

All of the above injuries can have serious consequences. So, if you develop any of them, do visit a doctor immediately. Also, seek legal assistance to ensure you get compensation for the injuries.

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