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How to Find a Best Way to Get Rid of Cockroaches Living in Your House

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Cockroach management is mainly associated with termination of this pest and controlling their population in human habitat area. Cockroaches being the most feared creature by the humans is available at almost every continent and almost around every neighborhood one can go.

These insects are also used in medical studies as a subject to understand neural behavior and other biological studies like social behavior and sexual pheromones. Also, sometimes their reproductive physiology and biological clock behaviors are used to test for medicinal purposes in the laboratories. Cockroaches being large in size and easily available nearby human habitat and an ease of rearing and resilience makes themselves a perfect candidate to grown in to the laboratories.

Get Rid of Cockroaches.

Cockroaches feed mainly on animal and human food while their odor is almost offensive to tackle with that means the signature mark can easily be found on foods they have been on which makes them a dangerous pest I and around the housings.

Their reproduction cycle is way too fast which makes them almost invincible to destruction of chain. It is to be said that a cockroach has a million places to hide even when there seems to find no place. A science theory proved that the only creature survived the nuclear attack on Hiroshima was cockroach because even the radiation cannot harm them.

Their resilience to bacteria and virus allows them to passively transport bacteria and pathogenic microbes on their body especially in places were the infected person lives. They are also tending to give allergic reactions to human via direct skin contact. Allergies like tropomyosin are also linked with disease like asthma.

Cockroaches’ are so deadly that these insects can survive up to a month without food and can burrow in to human ears causing pain and eventual hearing loss.

Getting Rid Of Cockroaches Living In Your House

Some of the cockroach species are also used as a food in some tribes around the world. These species are completely different from the ones we see near our household where they carry a lot of virus and bacteria on to their skin.

They are a good candidate for nutrition because of their fast reproduction cycle and are largely grown in to the laboratories around the world in clean environment where it is to be made sure that these insects don’t get in contact with bacteria and virus.

These cockroaches are also used in medicinal purpose in some countries like china where they are harvested for different traditional and homeopathy medicines. Whereas in some countries like Thailand and Mexico the cockroach farming is all about cheap nutritious food.

Cockroaches always have been considered to be an invincible insect therefore hard to exterminate completely till human started its experiments on different chemicals and herbs to find way of getting rid of such hideous creature.

Home remedies like Baking soda once has been very popular in nineteen centuries for being a perfect repellent of cockroaches but has no evidence to support the theory so far. Some of the ways to reduce and terminate cockroach population in a household are as bellow.

Ways To Reduce Cockroach Population.

  • Herbal way to control the cockroach population are used to prevent cockroaches to make burrows inside a farmland or near human edible plantation where these pests can cause damage with the captured bacteria of dead animals around the place. Some plants which are known to be a repellent for cockroaches are.
  • Bay leaves are a commonly used spice in Indian kitchen and is also a very good repellent for cockroaches because of their aromatic effects. They can also be scattered in and around the pantry to make it a hard entry for cockroaches.
  • Catnip being an attraction to housecats and butterflies is a highly adored plant. It also serves as a repellent to mosquitos and cockroaches because of the oil it contains inside which is abnormally irritating for insects like cockroach and mites.
  • Mint plants have their different smell which distracts the cockroaches and repels them from coming nearby the environment near mint plant.
  • Garlic has its famous smell which works well to repel so many insects including mosquitos and cockroaches.
  • Chemical used as pesticides are also known to be one of the ways to exterminate insects like cockroaches. Two of the most commonly used chemicals are
  • Hydramethylnon being a metabolic inhibitor is used as a bait to cockroaches which then halts the oxidative phosphorylation in the insect which eventually causes its death.
  • Boric acid works as a slow poison for insects like cockroaches and kills them after ingesting a few potions of the chemical with baits.
  • Traps made of smooth and plain but deep surface are used to trap cockroaches inside the hose as the smooth and vertical climbing makes it impossible for cockroaches to come out once after going inside for the food attraction. Stale beer for that matters are one of the best attractable foods to cockroaches.
  • Fumigation process are used usually inside a sealed house where cockroaches may hide inside the cracks and other unreachable spaces. Highly poisonous chemicals are used in this fumigation process which makes the space almost inaccessible for humans for at least a day up to a week.


Cockroach management includes all the possible ways to get rid of cockroaches inside and around the house by minimizing the time and maximizing the long effect of their process.

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