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Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

by theskfeed

In the last decade, we have seen the rapid rise and fall of housing markets and people being evicted from their homes due to foreclosures. 

One of the solutions to this problem lies in cargotecture.  Cargotecture or shipping container architecture is building homes using shipping containers as the main structural element. Shipping containers don’t seem like the go to material when building a house. But, think again. 

Early conceptualization of shipping container homes gave people an alternative that kept a roof over their head. Cargotecture was being used as a low cost alternative for people who couldn’t afford traditional homes. You can check out some home plans to gain a deeper perspective between traditional homes and cargotecture. 

As the popularization of this idea occurred, thousands of people have conceptualized beautiful modern homes using shipping containers. These days cargotecture is an international phenomenon that is being utilized by people from all walks of life. 

If you’re still not excited about ditching a traditional home for a shipping container you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully, this article will convince you that cargotecture is the future!

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider cargotecture for your home. 

  • Helping the environment 

Discarded shipping containers are becoming an environmental concern. After they are retired, they sit in lots waiting to be turned into scrap metal. Building a shipping container home is a great way to recycle a material that could have been hazardous to the environment. 

Millions of trees are cut down every year to build homes. This ecological disaster is mitigated when you build your home using shipping containers. One of the best things about cargotecture is that it is not limiting because you can incorporate wood and other materials into the design. Incorporating wooden elements with a shipping container means you cut down how much wood you use to build your home. 

  • Low cost alternative

Shipping container homes are a much cheaper alternative to a brick and mortar house. On average, cargotecture costs 30 percent less to build than a traditional home. Not to mention the added cost of hiring a construction team to build your home. 

Another reason cargotecture is a great alternative is that it can be constructed by the home owners themselves which is another cost eliminated. Even if you do use a construction team, it takes about two to three weeks to build a home as opposed to months or years for a traditional home. 

  • Structural stability

Because of climate change, natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Globally, people are facing earthquakes, typhoons, droughts and other natural disasters on a monumental scale. 

Shipping containers are made from weathering steel and were designed to move tons of cargo for long periods of time meaning they are virtually indestructible. Their shape and the material they are made from also lend to their structural integrity. 

When building, these factors create homes that can withstand environmental damages and will stand when traditional structures might not.  

  • Modular flexibility 

Unlike brick and mortar homes, shipping containers are flexible when it comes to design. Modular homes have hundreds of design possibilities and a variety of house plans to choose from. 

 You can combine multiple containers to create multiple large rooms. You can have the containers vertical or horizontal. You can mix different container sizes to create a unique architectural design.  

As a homeowner you are not limited after you have constructed your initial home. As time goes on, you can add stories or more containers to your existing home. The possibilities are endless!

Shipping containers are ideal when you are thinking about guest house plans. Check latest Truoba guest house plans with a variety and different sizes. 

  • Better Quality Construction 

Refurbished shipping containers are usually made in factories. Manufacturers have better construction tools not available to on-site construction workers so the quality of their work is superior. 

Factory made shipping containers are more expensive but they are inclusive of interior walls, insulation and electrical outlet boxes.  More features can be added at the factory as per your specifications. 

Factory shipping containers are more durable and last longer. The average lifespan of a recycled shipping container home is 25 years. Factory made homes can last 30 plus years if well taken care of. 

Factory shipping containers that are made specifically for homes are also safer. Old shipping containers usually have lead and other toxic chemicals in the paint and in the interior of the structure. 

  • Energy Efficient

Shipping construction techniques and low cost temperature regulation increases the energy efficiency of cargotecture. Many shipping container homes have a two-by-six framing for the walls which regulates the temperature of your home in all seasons. 

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Alternatively, factory high value insulation makes it easier to heat or cool your home which reduces utility costs of your home. Additionally, you can install clean energy options like solar options that work with temperature regulating equipment to drastically lower your utility bill. 

Shipping container homes can drastically lower your carbon footprint. Hopefully this article has inspired you to build an eco-friendly home.

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