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These days, the majority of the people spread awareness to hold the grip on the keyboard. Holding grip on different keyboard layout has been an important part of learning for the adults. Learning typing skills become essential for adults as the technology soars by each passing a day. There are a number of questions that your typing skills answer. One of the frequently asked questions refers to how would it look like if you think of a word and get it typed instantly? A beginner always get a double-barreled answer for how it will be done and how to do it efficiently. To address this issue a beginner learner needs to follow all the guidelines, lessons, and techniques. Let’s start beginners typing lessons for adults.


We know that a desktop keyboard generally consists of the five parts of keyboards. These parts include the alphanumeric key, numeric keypad, arrow keys, function keys, and control keys.  For successful typing skills, one needs to learn to remember the basic parts of the keyboard. However, for beginners typing lessons adults needs to think out of their domains and a few lessons to learn it. Some of the important typing lesions for the beginner are as follows;

Lesson 1- Click Start Exercising;

At the initial stages, users need to open the dialog box where they need to begin the exercise by clicking “START EXERCISE”. Try to respond to the exercise by writing the text without looking at the keyboard. Furthermore, the time duration is an important element that depicts the remaining time duration for exercise.

Lesson-2 Place Your Fingers on Keyboard;

Both hands need to be kept on the middle line of the keyboard. While practicing adults need to make sure that their left and right hand’s fingers are kept on A S D F SPACE (BOTH THUMBS) J K L ; respectively.

Lesson-3 G-H Keys

In this lesson, you need to place your finger on the extra key. The newly added G-H keys will cover the entire middle row.

Lesson-4 Start Practicing;

Once you adjust your hands according to lesson-3, adult learners need to focus on placing letters correctly.

Lesson-5 Left and Right Hand Top Row

In this lesson, an adult learner needs to move their fingers to the top of the row. For left hand make pair of two keys as AQ SW DE RF TG and press them together. Do the same for the right hand by JU KI LO ;P HY and keep practicing these letters for a specified time.

Lesson-6 Left and Right Hand Bottom Row

In this lesson, one needs to work on the bottom of the row. Keep the pairs of two letters similarly as we did in lesson-5. Keeping in mind the last step, a leaner needs to move their finger on the middle and bottom row by making pairs of the letters. The pairs should have consisted of AZ SX DC FV GB HN JN KM L, ;.

Lesson-7 Number Row Left and Right Hand

The above six lessons will help beginner learners to type efficiently what you want. This lesson has consisted of the numeric keys; numbers should be followed as per the middle line of the keyboard. Adult learners need to possibly work on the above line by covering 1 2 3 4 5 with the left hand, and 6 7 8 9 10 with the right hand.

These are a few lessons that can trigger your typing stimulate better than before. Additionally, symbols keys are self-managed keys which can be remembered while practicing on the numeric row. Moreover, to increase the word per minute speed (WMP) a learner needs to keep the focus on keyboard layout and bump keys (FJ), positions, and writing correct spelling.

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