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Appealing an Academic Dismissal: How Can You Help Your College Student in the Process

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Parents of college students hope for their children to succeed in school. However, some students may struggle to maintain good grades. Some students may be put on academic probation which serves as a warning that they should reverse course or face dismissal. If you have a college student who is under academic probation or facing dismissal, you must understand what their options are. 

Understanding Academic Dismissal

A student can be dismissed from their school if they fail to get their GPA above 2.0 when their probation period ends. Typically, the probation lasts a semester or two. When facing dismissal, a student is asked to leave their school due to consistent poor academic performance. Often, the transcript of the student will show their dismissal. 

Is It Possible to Appeal an Academic Dismissal?

 Whether or not your student can appeal a school’s dismissal decision depends on certain circumstances and the school itself. If it is possible to appeal, sit down with your student to discuss whether or not they should appeal the decision. An appeal might be a great option if your child got dismissed because of personal factors that resulted in their poor performance such as an illness. If you decide to appeal the decision, you should consult an academic appeals lawyer to know the steps your students can take. 

Tips to Consider When Appealing an Academic Dismissal

If your student agrees to appeal their dismissal, here are tips you should consider:

  • Make an in-person appeal. If the school allows students to appeal dismissals in person, ensure your student uses this opportunity to impress the appeals committee of the school. Encourage them to dress decently, be there on time, and express gratitude for the chance to appeal. 
  • Be honest when writing an appeal. If your student has to submit a written appeal, ensure they write thoughtfully about their previous struggles and describe how they will change their situation to improve their grades once permitted to re-enroll. 
  • Stay as a strong support system to your child. Although you want to do whatever you can to help your child get back into college, you must stay on the sidelines. The appeals committee will want to see your student can speak up for themselves, as well as outline their failures and how they will fix them. Also, the appeals attorney can serve as your child’s adviser or coach to ensure they take only the right path to a successful academic appeal. 

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