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How to be More Productive in Your Amazon Marketing Business

by Adil

So many things to do, so little time. And yet, many of us still struggle remaining productive when we engage in business. Between all the deluge of e-mails, the long-drawn-out meetings, the frequent calls made by persistent customers, and even more meetings, it can sometimes be really difficult to get things done.

To help you do more tasks when you work on your amazon business, here are a few suggestions.

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Establish goals to accomplish everyday

Instead of simply showing up at your office every day and working without direction, consider setting realistic goals that you intend to complete for that day. For example, you can set a personal target of making five sales for the day and a stretch target of seven sales. Doing this would allow you to structure your approach so that you can be more productive on amazon marketing.

To make yourself more productive in the succeeding days, plan your tasks for the following day after hitting your daily targets. The simplest way to do this is to come up with a to-do list, which you can consult while you’re working the next day.

Set your own deadline and stick to it

Whenever you establish goals, however, make sure you set a deadline for it. You see, if there’s no deadline for work, people tend to procrastinate and not focus, which is not an efficient use of time. By establishing a deadline and following it strictly, you and your workers are compelled to accomplish the goals you set within the designated time.

Avoid distractions

The biggest enemy of productivity in any line of business is distractions. That rule applies the same for your Amazon Marketing Business.

It’s not just the actual distraction that eats up your time; an average person usually takes from two to 15 minutes to recover from each interruption. In the office alone, the most common causes of distractions include loud appliances (e.g. photocopying machines), the temperature (if it’s too hot or cold), e-mail, walk-in clients, social networking sites, phone calls, and talkative team members.

To stay productive, you’ll have to steer clear of things that usually distract you. For instance, you can switch off your smartphone’s internet connection during work hours, refrain from looking at social networking sites, limit your e-mail to certain times during the day, or ask people not to disturb you. By remaining focused on your work, you can do more in a shorter span of time.

Make the most of the technology

Many of the technologies available today can help you become more productive with your Amazon marketing business. Here are a few examples:

  • If you need help focusing as you work on your computer, use products like Focus Me and Self- Control, which block distracting websites.
  • You can also sign up for cloud-based file hosting services like Google Drive or Dropbox, whose apps allow you to access your documents anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.
  • Lawyers with their own firm can make their timekeeping and billing easier through services like FreshBooks, which also allow clients to log in and see updates on their case.
  • Sometimes, the technology doesn’t even have to be cutting edge. If you’re stuck with dial-up internet in your office, invest in a DSL connection.

Work on the hard tasks first

Among the litany of responsibilities you have to deal with on a daily basis, there are usually at least one or two that you can consider as more difficult than the rest. Work on these first so that you can spend the rest of your day doing the easier tasks.

Don’t spend too much time perfecting your work before Launching product at Amazon

Amzon Entrepreneurs can’t afford to be perfectionists. Managing a business involves doing many everyday tasks that keep your company running. If you obsess over every detail of your work until it’s flawless, then you’ll always be looking over your shoulder and end up being unproductive, which won’t be good for your business.

There no need to wait for the perfect product description. You can launch your product at Amazon first with a good salescopy writing. Once the product is shipped to FBA, you can perfect the writing.
Selling on Amazon requires you to be review the data and revise the writing all the time. It’s an ongoing process.


So how to you tear yourself off the paralysis caused by perfectionism? Here are a few tips:

  • Striving for perfection means a project would never be finished, so try to aim for “good enough” instead.
  • Be conscious of the fact that perfectionism can hurt you, your business, and the people around you.
  • Avoid overanalysing and correcting everything. Just dothe project and fix issues as you go.

1.1.1        Do things more quickly

Here’s another way to be more productive: do things more quickly so that you won’t spend as much time on your tasks. For instance, you can walk faster, type as rapidly as you can, and read your text messages and e-mail more quickly. Just remember, however, that you shouldn’t rush to the point that the quality of your work suffers. Just keep things brisk enough so that you can perform more tasks.

1.1.2        Perform similar tasks together

Continuously switching between different tasks can use up more time than you normally would. Aside from the time you consume to make the switch, you also need to deal with momentum each time you start working on another task. To shorten the amount of time you use up, consider doing similar tasks together.

For instance, you can set aside a part of your day sending and replying to all your e-mails. When you visit clients, try to drop in on all in the area to maximise your trip. Similarly, do all your calls at one go so that you can save time. That way, you can preserve your momentum and do more tasks more quickly.

1.1.3        Do the most important tasks during your best time

All organisms on the planet–including humans–have a circadian clock, which is a daily 24-hour rhythmic activity cycle that is influenced by sunlight and temperature. This internal clock influences your chronotype–the attribute that determines if you’re an early bird, afternoon squirrel, or night owl. But aside from sleeping habits, your chronotype would also affect when you’re most productive at work.

To be more productive and effective, try to do the most essential work during your best time of the day (or night) when you are most alert, creative, focused, and energetic. If you’re an early bird, you’re more productive during mornings; night owls work better when it’s late; while afternoon squirrels are more active during after lunch onwards.

1.1.4        Maintain good relations with employees and customers

Productivity isn’t just about maintaining focus to do more tasks over a certain span of time. It’s also about maintaining good relations with your employees and customers. After all, an inspired workforce is generally more productive, while happier customers mean the company doesn’t have to use as much time to deal with complaints.

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