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A Tourist’s Guide to exploring Azerbaijan – The Gem of Caucasus

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With the mighty Caucasus Mountains and the snow-capped peaks of Mount Bazarduzu, Azerbaijan is a beautiful and alluring place. It has the surreal landscapes of the Khinalug Valley and beautiful mountain ranges of Moruvdag in the Lesser Caucasus. So, from nature lovers to ardent adventurous tourists – Azerbaijan promises a fantastic bundle of tourist activities.

If we talk about its terrains, more than half of the nation’s land consists of crests, mountain ridges, yailas, and plateaus. It has a rich past and the earliest evidence of human settlements in the country date back to the late Stone Age. This country is also linked to the Guruchay culture of the Azokh cave. One can also find the Upper Paleolithic and late Bronze Age cultures in the caves of Tağılar, Damcılı, Zar, Yataq-yeri. The Leylatepe and Saraytepe necropolises are a historical marvel that never fails to surprise.

From intriguing folklores to fine arts’ elements and unbeatable opportunities to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping activities, Azerbaijan is one of the most-visit-worthy countries in the world. You can enjoy skiing on the snow-covered slopes, hiking, trekking, kite surfing, paintball, and enjoying a day out with family in the Baku carting and event centre for fun.

Read more about this underrated beautiful country in detail and make it as your next travel destination. You can visit it once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided as it is not much affected by it. Make sure you check the travel instructions before booking your flights and don’t forget to make use of GoIbibo flight coupons to enjoy decent discounts on bookings.

Now, read on!

Places to visit in Azarbaijan:

Famous as the land of fire and the pearl of Caucasus, the country of Azerbaijan offers a unique mixture of cultures. It is also home to loads of tourist wonders, so much so that you will want to extend your stay here.

The main tourist destinations in Azerbaijan are:

1. Yanar Dag that is also called the burning mountain, is a primary attraction here. Here a fire has been burning for ages now. Yanar Dag is the main reason behind the nation’s name – Country of Fire. This fire is a result of massive natural gas deposits in the region. Other popular places to visit here include – palace of the Shirvanshahas, Maiden Tower, Gobustan National Park, Mud Volcanoes, Ateshgah of Baku, Old City, and the world-famous Azerbaijan Carpet Museum.

2. Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and has a walled-city structure. Shaki is famous for ancient monuments, palaces, and caravanserais. Qabala is a must-visit place for adventure enthusiasts. Home to the Tufan Dag Mountain Resort and the ruins of Chukhur Gabala; the place offers opportunities for hiking near Khinalug.

3. You can explore museums, volcanoes, and other natural reserves at the Qobustan in Baku. Don’t forget to roam in the ancient ruins; Imamzade Complex and the Ganjavi Mausoleum of Ganja; explore the volcanoes; historical places; castles and monuments in the Absheron Peninsula.

4. Shamakhi houses observatories tombs and mausoleums. You can also visit the scintillating mountains and waterfalls of Quba; and beautiful sparkling beaches, rivers, and hot springs in Lankaran.

5. If you are travelling with friends and family, then explore the scenic mountains of Lahic and Khinalug. Planning some exciting hiking activities can also be a good option. Delve into the Alpine skiing, walk along the rivers while catching some amazing and romantic moments at the ski resort of Qusar. The forests and beaches at Nabran and Sumqayit are yet another haven of tourist activities. So, if you love to chase the extremes, plan a vacation to Azerbaijan and enjoy the thrill! We recommend economizing on accommodation or tickets, but not on experiences. So, grab the GoIbibo flight coupons before you book your tickets.

6. You can also enjoy the safari Park and observatories of the Shamakhi district and admire the natural splendour of Azerbaijan while tasting some of the most unique wines in Ismayilli. Sirvan has a lot of parks and palaces that are worth visiting. Roam among the beautiful lanes of Qax and witness the historical and natural splendour at the same time.

7. Zaqatala mountains covered with dense green vegetation with amazing views of rivers snaking in the valleys; the beaches of Astara; waterfalls and hiking activities in Ilisu; beaches and water parks in Bilgeh; enjoying water activities in Ordubad; churches, monasteries and amazingly beautiful mountains of Julfa – the Azerbaijan Holiday Packages will be worth every single paisa you invest.

Outdoor Activities in Azerbaijan:

  • If you are an adventure junkie that enjoys the thrill of indulging into adrenaline-pumping sports, then you are in for a feast! Here you can enjoy beach activities, hiking, exploring the national parks & the Nature Reserves, safaris, alpine skiing, exploring the wildlife, and lots more.
  • You can indulge in various water sports and activities at Baku, Bilgeh, Merdekan, Absheron Peninsula, Lankaran, Novxani, Nabran, Pirsagi, and Buzovna.
  • If you are fond of scaling ‘The Mighty Mountains’, then Azerbaijan will offer you ample opportunities to explore mountains of all kinds and heights. You can indulge in exploring natural beauty, camping, and hiking at Khinalug, Ilisu, Laza, Giroz, Vendam, Alpan, and Lake Hajikabul.
  • One of the most unique tourist outdoor activities that you can include in your tour packages is hunting at Lake Sarysu.
  • Exploring the wilderness and leaving your marks on the rustic trail of Ilisu is yet another activity you can enjoy.

Other outdoor activities you can enjoy in Azerbaijan include exploring the historical monuments and ancient ruins, shopping in the vibrant and colourful markets, and enjoying a long walk in the amazing and beautiful natural surroundings.

Key Facts about the Country that you should know:

  • Currency: Manat (AZN). 1 US$ is equal to 1.70 AZN. The currency exchange can be done at the exchange offices and banks. Banks stay open from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Time Zone: UTC+04
  • Capital: Baku
  • India is 90 minutes ahead of Azerbaijan.
  • Attire: In summers that are from May to September, the light and summer clothes can be worn in the coastal regions. The winters get very chilly and the tourists require padded coats, jackets, and hats.
  • Official Language: Azerbaijani is the official language, and Turkish and English are widely used and understood in the offices, bars, and hotels.
  • Avoid drinking tap water and opt for the boiled and mineral water supplied by the hotels.
  • Azerbaijan is a very stable country with near zero crime rates.

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