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8 Must-Haves For Any Wardrobe In Your Bedroom

by More Malik

Keeping a closet well-organized is an on-going process. Mostly lack of time or laziness drives your closet disorganized in many cases. Every one of us will have different ideas and requirements that suit our lifestyle. When it comes to choosing a wardrobe.  While every modern wardrobe design varies based on your custom design.

Basic elements should inevitably be a part of the wardrobe design

Without that maintaining a clutter-free wardrobe will become challenging. This blog will help you to find some of those tips that is a must-have in your wardrobe:

The Perfect Wardrobe Size   most crucial factor while choosing a perfect wardrobe . Your home is the size of your bedroom and the required size of the wardrobe You should have the perfect measurements of your room in 3 dimensions- length, width, and height to select the appropriate wardrobe size. Storage requirements vary from room to room. To keep the house well-organized, each room will have some specific requirements.

Check out the different types of wardrobes available in the market and pick one that suits your bedroom. A 3 door wardrobe with drawers is an ideal pick if you have enough space in the room Also, prefer a wardrobe as high as possible towards the ceiling to maximize the storage without blocking the free floor area. These compartments that are at a high level can be used to store seasonal and occasional clothes that are not in regular use, and extra bedding.

Double Hanging Closet Organizers

Vertical space in the wardrobe can be utilized effectively by adding extra rods as most of the closet is built with only single rods to arrange clothes. A hanging closet organizer made up of strong canvas or cotton will help to maximize the potential storage space.

The small compartments in the organizer will create more shelves for folded clothes, pants, T-shirts, sweaters, and shoes. A standard closet will have twelve-inch depth, however, it can be extended to sixteen inches depth and will allow more space for storage.

Get Drawer Organizers These will help to keep your drawers well-organized, neat, and clean. These organizers will have small compartments to arrange small folded clothing like socks, face towels, and undergarments. Even the limited space in the drawers can be effectively utilized. This is also a good option to store ties and belts without messing with the entire closet. You can roll them neatly and arrange them in separate compartments.

Hanger for Accessories

Searching for your favorite scarf or tie in the rushing morning hours can be pretty annoying. An accessory hanger with hooks or loops can be helpful to weave your scarves, ties, and belts through An accessory hanger with small pockets will be suitable to store your pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches

Modular Storage Bins

If you have the additional overhead compartments in the wardrobe, modular storage bins are a great idea to store hats, handbags, and fancy shoes. They can be stacked and arranged in different permutations and combinations to display if you could get a transparent storage bin.

Shoe Storage

Shoes can become a nuisance if don’t have proper storage space. To provide a home to your shoe collections, add cubbies, a custom shoe shelf, and an over the door hanging shoe organizer if you have limited space. Everyday shoes can be stacked upon a shoe rack inside your closet. Organizing the shoes neatly will prolong the life of your shoes and will make it hassle-free to search for the matching pair while rushing to the office.

Laundry Basket

In a savvy closet organizer, you will be able to easily distinguish between dirty and clean clothes. A collapsible laundry basket is a good option for this. When not in use, it can be easily folded and kept inside the wardrobe. Laundry baskets will come with compartments too. This will help to segregate light and dark-closured laundry items.

Extra Hooks

These are a very versatile option to maximize an organized storage idea. Hooks are available in several sizes, shapes, and finishes. These hooks can be used to hang robes, scarves, ties, and even your pieces of jewelry collections. In a very organized way The afore-mentioned ideas can be used to maximize the storage capabilities in your wardrobe.

Your clothes can be stored neatly and most importantly everything will be easily accessible and without much effort, you can put together a stylish outfit to carry yourself. The best way to choose such an ideal one is by searching for bedroom wardrobes online.

The online platform will save you money and time by exploring a wide range of options that are pocket-friendly. You can choose branded wardrobes from Wake fit and opt for customization as well. Wardrobes that are fitted with mirrors are a good choice to save space, you need not invest in a dressing table separately. The next time you are planning to buy a wardrobe, keep these simple yet useful tips handy!

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