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7 Tips on using Pinterest for Business

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7 Tips on using Pinterest for Business

7 Tips on using Pinterest for Business

There is no doubt that social media is a clear winner for business growth, it’s evolved and transformed into something so amusing that nobody imagined it to be. Now the tough part is keeping up with the pace and to know each platform so well that your ace the act of conversions via social media platforms.

Pinterest is a great platform to sort out thoughts, ideas & products about almost anything and everything. Be it a personal or a business profile it’s turning out to be a platform that has it all from easy DIY’s to some really cool infographics for everything. This makes it easy especially for eCommerce businesses to share content and grow their business.

Don’t believe me?

Wait, before you hear out the stats- Pinterest has 335 million monthly active users as per sources.
The platform grew around 40% form 2018-2019.

Industries like Fashion, Lifestyle Accessory & Arts are constantly growing via Pinterest.

So, assuming you have an eCommerce business and there is a platform with 335 million monthly active users and you can simply add an interesting pin to sell your product and grow your business and if you don’t the year 2020 is the best time start your online business.

7 Tips on using Pinterest for Business

7 Tips on using Pinterest for Business

Here are some tips to help you do it better.

1. Reflect your business with Boards – Pinterest allows you to create separate boards, let’s say you have a business that sells wedding dresses. So, you would like to add a board that talks about “Top 10 wedding destinations” on one board and your products in another. The idea here is to create relevancy to grow your network. Have multiple boards and focus on specific boards on having your targeted audience to engage with your followers.

2. Repins – When a pin from your board is added or saved by someone to their board is called a Repin. Now we all know that there is no social media platform that will get you results without engagement. So, In order to get Repins, you should have a higher engagement and great content. Repin stuff that you find interesting and engage with your audience. Work on your content find ways to interest your audience and just put it out there, Imagine having an influencer on your side with Repping your content.

3. Plan your content – This is one of the most common mistakes that businesses make, not planning their content in advance. Be a festival or any upcoming event always have your content ready in advance. For eg – You are a clothing brand and have a line of Christmas sweaters upcoming for Christmas. You must have your content ready while the internet starts getting in the mood for Christmas, while your competitors are pushing engagement and conversion in early December, you don’t want to be late to the party!

4. Use Videos for engagement – Create DIYs videos relevant to your niche, informative short videos get shared a lot as well. Reports show that video has a higher engagement rate than any other form of content. Promoted videos are said to driving 4 times more results.

5. Sell on Pinterest – You can actually sell your products on Pinterest with buyable pins, isn’t that cool? So, start adding buyable pins that show product descriptions, price with a click of a button without having to move to another platform your followers can add to cart.

6. Optimize your Pinterest – Like any other platform, SEO plays an important role here as well. You have a business hub on Pinterest. Some of the things you can start with are claiming your website, have a profile bio, using keywords for boards, writing a good description for your pins, save pins from relevant boards, use keywords in hashtags, be consistent with posting and engage with your followers. With optimization, you will increase your visibility and engagement.

7. Make Use of Analytics – Always listen to what the analytics says about your content, the very reason for having analytics is to understand your audience better. With analytics for Pinterest, you get to see the age & gender distribution of your audience along with what device your content is being consumed. While you start posting see what kind of content is shared more or how your followers are reacting to your content. Use the audience insight to plan your content.


Pinterest is filled with creative pins and DIYs. It has become the go-to place for ideas.
It’s important for businesses to understand the importance of each social media platform and utilize it accordingly.

So, if Pinterest hasn’t been a part of your marketing plan, you’re underestimating it & you’re missing an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. This picture-sharing platform is doing wonders for business niches that can furnish captivating content.

By Aditya Prakash A Digital Marketing Executive Inkoop @Inkoop

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