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7 Of the Best Flower Cakes to Enjoying the Taste of Real Blooms!

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Cakes are the sugary confection that becomes the highlight of any party. Consider it birthdays, anniversaries or just regular day because, you don’t need an occasion to indulge in cakes. They are our dose of happiness that you can send cake online nowadays. 

best flower cakes

Recently, there are a lot of trends going around. Flower cakes are one amongst many. A lot of you might think can we actually eat them or are they for decoration purpose? Well to answer your question, it’s a yes. They are edibles and used for adorning the cake as well.

Here’s a blog entirely dedicated to the 7 best flower cakes to enjoy the taste of real blooms. To find out more, keep scrolling.

Floral naked Cake 

Naked cakes are everyone’s favorite. They are light, creamy and fluffy. Naked cakes are found a lot on the Pinterest. If you are not fond of the whole butter cream frosting, then you can always go for the naked cakes. The subtle feel of buttercream is roughly applied to the outer layer of the cake. Garnished with the fresh flowers like roses, poms etc. 

Endearing Textured Cake

Today with a diverse range of cakes, the texture isn’t limited only to the cake. It has lot more to do with the outer look of the cake as well. It’s fun, creative among trendy styles. Using a palette knife you can adorn. To make it look even more attractive you can use bells of Ireland and other blooms. 

 Buttercream Flower Cake

With flowers being edible it’s a bonus treat for us to savour the good looks as well as the taste of flowers. By bringing the spongy layers of cake filled with buttercream. Meanwhile, you can decorate the cake with butter cream flowers or even peonies. Moreover, this buttercream flower cake is ideal for the birthday bash. Get it through Birthday Cake Delivery service. 

Bailey’s Tres Leches Cake 

The stunning desert Bailey’s Tres Leches cake is world famous. The ultimate combination of fresh and juicy berries and the lusciously cream dripped cake is just irresistible. Infused with Irish cream liquor, you can create an elegant appearance by simply pressing the petals into the icing and around the berries. 

Hibiscus Lemon Curd Tart Cake 

It’s always a sheer joy to play with different flavors. Like lemon and curd tart cake with a hint of hibiscus. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It DOES! With the chocolate crust at the base and dried hibiscus and lemon infused filling it will be finger licking delicious. You can use small flowers like organic hibiscus on top beside, white mum, starflower for decor. 

Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake 

Layer by layer with a Raspberry pink velvet cake is all about relishing the velvety touch in your mouth. On top of the cake is spongy meringue with lighter pink tone. Paired up with the edible flowers those are absolutely pretty-in-pink like rose mallows, roses and more. 

Flowerfetti Cake 

We have heard a lot about confetti cake but here’s a little trend when it comes to flowers. And that’s Flowerfetti cake that looks amazing with beautiful blooms that are spread out just like the confetti. You can use multiple color flowers or follow a pattern of similar ones. All depending upon you. 

Edible flowers are pleasant as you can mix them in salads, smoothie bowls, teas, desserts, syrups and even cakes. But before that, there are few things you need to be considered. Here are few tips before using edible flowers. 

  •   Be certain that the flowers you use are organic and non-toxic. 
  •   Don’t hesitate in trying out the different arrangements of a flower. From tiny flowers, small buds, berries or anything you feel will make interesting. 
  •   Ensure that you pick different sizes of flowers and the one that will sit longer on the cake.  
  •   Also, when you are placing the cake surround it with adorable vessels and mugs and more props for a brilliant display. 
  •   Sometimes the leaves of flowers are also useful; hence make sure to check it before using. 
  •   Too many flowers can create digestive problems. SO USE THEM IN LIMIT. 

There you have it! The above-mentioned blog is all about enjoying cake with an incredible taste of majestic flowers. So, go ahead and try out the scrumptious cakes. Do let us know about your experience.  Happy Baking! 

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