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6 Myths About The Benefits And Dangers Of Fat

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Being healthy and taking complete nutrition with the right amount of fat is very important for the human body. More specifically, discuss such a question as myths about the benefits and dangers of fat.

A bit of history. The ancient Greeks became the first to eat pork fat, and not themselves, but fed them slaves in the quarries, as it was cheap and very nutritious. And in the Middle Ages, fat was the main product on the tables of European peasants, because not many could afford meat.

The fat was not used very well in hot countries, probably because it spoils very quickly in the heat.

Now fat is included in the diet of many European cuisines, and in Ukraine, it is generally considered the main national dish.

Among people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, there is an opinion that fat harms the figure and the passion for it is the cause of excess wrinkles at the waist, and excess weight. Where is the truth here, and where are the myths try to figure out below.

1. Fat can make you fat

Let’s just say that you can get fat from buckwheat porridge if there are buckets of it. Everything is good in moderation. You just need to remember that a person who does not lead a sporty lifestyle and does not move much during the day, can eat no more than 100 grams of natural fat per day. When I worked at a construction site in my youth, I ate at least 300 grams of fat per day, and I did not see a fold of fat on my stomach.

2. Fat is heavy food for the stomach

Another myth. For a normal stomach, without ulcers and gastritis, lard is a product that is digested much easier than all praised dietary oatmeal. The melting point of fat is about 36-37 degrees, which corresponds to the temperature of our body. But again, the stomach must be completely healthy.

3. In fat one fat

Fat contains an optimal composition of fatty acids. This includes linolenic, oleic, palmitic, and polyunsaturated arachidonic acid, which is not found in vegetable fats. Also, fat is rich in vitamins A, E, D.

Therefore, we can say that lard is a product that is much healthier than vegetable oil. Especially “refined”.

4. In fat one cholesterol

So many “devotees of a healthy diet” are horrified. Although in truth, “cholesterol” is a necessary element of nutrition, and its presence does not depend on the amount of food consumed. Another thing is that fat is contraindicated for people with cholecystitis. And if you take the quantity, well, just like that, then it is in fact in two! Less than that in cow oil.

5. Fried lard is very harmful

Yes, if you overcook bacon, then it loses all its useful properties and becomes just a storehouse of carcinogens and toxic substances. And when frying it must be heated without frying much, then it will still retain its benefits and will be well absorbed. Do you know that if you heat up sunflower oil before smoke appears, then there are three harmful substances in it !!! times more than in lightly fried lard.

6. Salo is a great snack for vodka

But there is some truth to this. Fat does not allow you to quickly get drunk, while significantly reducing the absorption of alcohol by the stomach. With that Indica and Sativa could be great addition while burning your fat. However, these should not be abused, because alcohol with lard is a huge load on our liver.

In general, we can say that lard is a very tasty and healthy product, of course, if you use it in moderation.

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