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6 features you Must Include in a Business Card

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Business cards are one of the most important and basic means of promoting yourself or your organization in the world of business. Numbers reveal that sales increase by 2.5% with every 2000 cards passed out. This means it is important for you to develop an attractive business card because that will play a key part in determining whether or not a party gets in touch with you.

features you must include in a business card

features you must include in a business card

There are some key features that you must remember to include in your digital business card if you want to ensure that the receivers contact you:

  1. Insert The Logo and Name

The first thing that needs to go on your business card is your organization’s name and its logo. Along with these two, if your organization has a tagline, make sure that you include that as well. The logo should be placed at a point where it draws attention and is the first thing the receiver notices.

The company name should be in a font bigger than the other matter on the card. Also, remember to keep your logo in mind when you select the design of your card. The logo should be clearly visible and its colors should complement those of the card.

  1. Personal Information

While it is important to have the company name on the card, you should not forget about including your own name and job title. This is something that most people seem to forget.

If you are sending the card to someone you met at an event, they will not just represent your company but also you as a professional. Including your name and your job title also gives the receiver a sense of connection and there will be a higher chance of them getting in touch with you.

  1. Correct Contact Information

Your contact information should be clearly visible on your card. Make sure that your contact info is immediately updated in case of any changes. You should always try to include at least two contact numbers in case one is otherwise engaged. You should also add your organization’s address and a correct email address.

In many platforms that let you create a digital business card, you will get the option of adding a link with your email id which, upon clicking, would directly take the receiver to a window wherein they can send you a mail. This will make it easier for them to get in touch with you.

  1. Social Media Profiles

Social media has become a big part of the business world. You must have a thriving social media profile on several platforms to promote yourself as well as get in touch with other businesses.

In a digital business card, you can easily add a link to any of your social media profiles. Make sure to add at least a couple of the popular ones. This will make it very easy for the receiver to get in touch with you and they will also get the idea about the general brand voice of the company and your personal brand by looking at your profile.

  1. A link to your website

Despite social media profiles playing a huge role, it is still the websites that store most of the information about an organization’s different aspects. With a digital business card, it is very easy to include a link to your official website.

The website link will help the receiver to know about the company before they get in touch with you. You can also include links to specific sections of the website that highlight some of the best features of your organization.

  1. Don’t forget the White Space

When designing a digital business card, people rarely think about white space. But it is a very important aspect. You can’t have a card that is full of various links all crammed up close to each other as it will discourage the receiver from contacting you.

It is easy to get carried away and include a lot of information on the card but you must restrict yourself to the bare minimum- contact information, link to the website and social media profiles, email id, and some other details you find important enough to let the receiver know about you.

It is not that difficult to come up with a digital business card with the help of so many platforms on the internet. Make sure that you include all of the things mentioned above to get the most out of your digital business card.

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