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6 Common Pests That Could Damage Your Home

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Chances are you will probably have to deal with household pests at some point in your life. Pests can cause lasting damage to your property and possessions and therefore people seek the help of professionals for pest control Missoula, MT. Below are some common pests and the best way to get rid of them. 


Ants often enter your home looking for food and shelter. They can cause structural damages to your home. They usually excavate and form tunnels inside of wood while building a nest. Seal of cracks to block entry points for ants. Keep your home clean by wiping off spills, storing food items in containers. The best method to kill ants is by using bait. This can poison the queen ant and wipe out its colony.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic and feed on human blood to survive. Despite their name, they also hide at places other than your bed. You can find them hiding at couches, alarm clocks and many other places at your home. While they don’t cause significant damage to your home, bed bugs can pose a risk to your health. Bites from bed bugs can cause an incessant itch and sometimes cause severe anemia to the elderly. Even though certain repellents can kill some bed bugs, do consult a professional to eradicate them completely.


Black rats and mice can cause structural damage in your home while they gnaw on things and build a nest. They may also chew on essential electrical wiring cables which may cause fires. They are known to carry and transmit over 35 diseases. Rat droppings and dirt marks along walls could be signs of rodent infestation in your home. You can use traps to catch one rat but should consult a professional to effectively deal with an infestation.


Spiders like to live in warm, damp and dark places in your home. Spiders’ bites may cause irritation and pain depending on the species. They also spin webs that make your home look messy. You can get rid of them by dusting and de-cluttering often vacuuming and more often.


Termites feed on wood 24 hours a day and can cause wood damage to walls and floors. You can locate them by spotting their droppings, discarded wings, and also through damages to wood structures at your home. Most times the infestation only comes to light after cases have become severe. You’ll need the help of a professional to offer you a permanent solution.


Wasps are pollinators so they can be drawn to flowers around your home. Adult wasps primarily feed on sugar and plant nectar. They build their nests by chewing on wood materials, causing damage to your property. Wasps are aggressive so trying to remove their nest by yourself can be dangerous. It is best to contact a professional as they are trained to handle them in a safe and efficient manner.

The key to prevent pests and bugs is to keep your home clean, neat and tidy. Make sure to deep clean your home as frequently as possible to eliminate hidden dirt. While the above guide can help to a certain extent, do consult with a licensed pest management company to evaluate the extent of any infestation.

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