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5 tips for taking better photos of your children

by Khaled Syfullah

Children are believed to be the purest persons in the world. It is being said, children are the dolls with life. True indeed!

If you have a child, you are lucky. You are lucky because not every couple has a baby.

The question is, how to keep memories of your children. In the current age of technology, it’s not tough work though. You can capture videos or pictures of your baby and upload them on cloud services.

This way you can save the purest feelings on the earth.

But often you will see that babies are not comfortable in front of a camera. As a result, often the pictures or videos taken are not candid.

But there are ways, you can still take candid pictures or videos using some small tricks. I would like to present those tricks and tips to you today! Whoa!

Hide your camera

Why children do not feel comfortable in front of a camera. It is because it is an unknown device to them. So, one of the best ways to take beautiful photos is to hide it means not letting them know that it exists. You can keep it anywhere and just tell them to do some activities. If you have a high-speed camera, you can actually take photos from the videos you capture too.

Find their interest

Often you will see kids react joyfully to some special things. It could be a play item, a special character, a special person, any location or even it could be some special food. Find the things your baby finds interest in. Then let him do whatever he wants to and capture what you want.

Keep them engaged

Tracey Osterman, a family photographer from Marin County, recommends playing simple games during the photo shoot to get kids engaged. “Tell everyone to look at whoever has the messiest room, or likes candy the most, or likes baseball the most. It’s a great way to get some really fun, natural photos of families playing together.”

The baby will be engaged in that specific activity and allow you to take sharp photos. This way you can gather some special memories too.

Make something baby loves

First, teach your baby to make something interesting. It could be like making a character, drawing photos of mother or father, drawing with colored pencils, or making some papercrafts. The kid will be doing that and you will shoot some pictures. A great way, isn’t it? In this way, he can learn something new too.

Teach helping

While you are doing your own work, tell your kid to help you to do something. Someone else can take the photo while the kid was helping someone. This way, the kid will learn to help is a great virtue, and what else? The picture is already taken.

Taking great pictures of babies is not easy! If you follow these five tips and tricks you would be certainly going to get some incredible photos that will remind you how the baby was in the past while he is mature enough.


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