Home Entertainment 5 Reasons Why Bigg Boss is more popular than other television shows?

5 Reasons Why Bigg Boss is more popular than other television shows?

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why bigg boss is more important than other shows

why bigg boss is more important than other shows

Bigg Boss is a popular reality game show in Indian televisions. The game was first initiated in Netherland as “Big Brother” under the banner of Endemol Shine Group. In 2006, Big Brother was recreated as “Bigg Boss” and Viacom 18 Network published Hindi version. After positive response from the North, Endemol Shine Group decided to elaborate the show in south Indian languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada by collaborating with Star India. They telecasted and succeeded. The competitors were really confused about ‘Why bigg boss is popular than other television shows’. These were the few reasons behind the Bigg Boss success.

It triggers the audience curiosity

They triggered the curiosity of the people by presenting the new type of content which is different from predictable serials. Without any doubts, people love curiosity. For example, if you already know the story and climax of the movie, you will not be interested to see the movie even if it is your favorite hero’s movie. Similar to that, no one has any idea about Bigg Boss, how the show will be, how the content will be, who is participating, what is the concept of this show, who will be eliminated and more questions circulated in the people’s minds without any guessing. 

Social Media Presence

The Bigg Boss team utilizes the online platforms very well. They continuously shared catchy promos as well as used influencers to grab the audience and made people talk about their shows with their friends and circumstances even if they like or hate the show. Mouth of words has a 100% conversion rate than other referral programs, you know it if you are a marketer. Bigg Boss Tamil had a great response with memes and troll videos.


They used big stars and celebrities as a host in respective languages. For example, it is not necessary to promote Amitabh Bachan Movies because it will be automatically promoted by his fans through the sharing of teaser, trailer, release date in their own profile. In Spite of using lots of money in promotion, you can hire the top celebrities at a high salary but promotion will be done by their fans at free of cost.

Judgement in Audience Hands

People always like to pick their favorite one. From the summary clips, people impressed and imagined him/her as a favourite contestant. They want their favorite contestant to win. Generally, other shows use judges to find the talented one but the Bigg Boss team used the audience to choose the winner by an online voting system. The voting polls may vary likely Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is used for Tamil audiences, where there will be other voting polls for respective languages. This voting system helps to survey the audience interest.

Replicates the character of someone

Bigg Boss team selects the set of contestants with different types of characters. Contestants make some mistakes as well as good one according to their character. These mistakes and good things makes the audience to self evaluate themself and improve their personality. To be frank, I am the one who changed my attitude by self evaluating myself.

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