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5 Great Advantages of Making Your Own Garage Shelves

by Mohsin Malik

Not every house has a garage, especially apartments and condominiums. But garage spaces are useful areas of the house that families use to park their vehicles and to store various things for later use. For this reason, many garages come in various sizes and designs, some having no enclosure while others having one. Since garages could also function as a storage space, many families build or purchase storage shelves that they could use to store their various stuff safely. However, there remains a debate as to whether to build your garage storage shelf or just buy one at a supermarket instead.

Each of these actions has its own set of advantages and setbacks. And this would depend on the family who will make them. But this article will focus more on the advantages that other people present when talking about DIY shelves for garages. 

Unleash Your Creativity

Perhaps the most compelling reason to build DIY garage shelves instead of just buying one in your nearest department store or supermarket is that you could express and use your creative skills in making them. When buying a garage shelf at the supermarket, you can expect that they have already been manufactured in a specific design by a specific manufacturer. This brings convenience, but it would look boring and even unsuitable for some garage spaces. But with DIY garage shelves, the only limit that you have is your imagination. 

You can make your design for your garage shelf using any inspiration that you could see on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter. And since you have control over the design of your DIY garage shelf, you can decide about the size of your shelf as well as the materials that you will use for your furniture. With DIY garage shelves, your options are truly limitless and you will be in charge of the look of your shelf. This is great especially for families who are unable to find a suitable garage shelf for their home after looking endlessly at the supermarket. For these families, they can decide on almost every aspect of their garage shelf and they could even make it unique. 

Customize Your Shelf

Customization is another huge advantage of building your shelf for your garage, even after constructing them. When you buy a shelf from a department store, there are few options to modify the design of the furniture. And in some instances, customizing a pre-made shelf could even destroy it or cause some damage that may not be easy to repair. This is not the case with DIY garage shelves. You can customize the design of your DIY garage shelf from beginning to end, and you could even make some changes on what your shelf looks like even after you finish making them. After all, you are the one who created your DIY garage shelf, and therefore only you get to decide on whether you will stick to the design that you have conceived earlier or if you want to add modifications to its design. You could also express your individuality with your DIY garage shelf by adding some decorations or by painting it in your preferred color. You could even mix and match various materials for your shelf depending on what you like as well as your storage needs. 

DIY Garage Shelves Tend to Be Cheaper 

This may not seem obvious, but DIY garage shelves tend to be cheaper compared to buying one, although this would depend on several factors such as the materials that you will use, the various tools and decorations for your garage shelf, the size of your shelf, and much more. But the lower cost of building your shelf has something to do with the materials that you would use for your shelf. Many garage shelves sold in the supermarket or department store are made using various materials that are not easy to extract, such as wood or steel. The cost of labor and shipping the item is also added to the cost of many garage shelves, which are the reasons why they are often expensive. 

With DIY garage shelves, there is no cost with labor or shipping unless you either hire someone to build a shelf for you or buy your materials from somewhere else. You can also recycle various materials for your DIY garage shelf, and these materials tend to be cheaper than buying raw materials from somewhere else. 

Assistance Is Always Available

If you are not that creative when it comes to building or when you don’t have a single idea of how and where to start, you can always search the Internet for ideas. The Internet is full of blogs, articles, and videos instructing people how to create DIY shelves for their homes. It also provides design ideas that you could use for your garage shelf project. Therefore, while you will have to build your garage shelf on your own, you are not alone in finding ways and/or steps on how to make shelves for your garage space. 

Taking Pride in Your Work

Finally, building a DIY garage shelf allows you to take pride in yourself and your creativity. This is because you will use your creative skills in planning your project, designing your shelf, finding the materials for your furniture, building it, and finishing your shelf. Completing this project, therefore, will give you a sense of achievement in yourself and your capabilities especially after seeing your garage shelf after hours of hard work and dedication. This will not only boost your confidence but will also motivate you to create more and hone your creative skills. 


Making a DIY garage shelf for your home may seem daunting or even impossible especially if you do not have craftsmanship skills. But you don’t have to be an expert builder to create your shelf for your garage. The Internet is your ultimate guide and resource in finding design ideas and instructions on how to build a DIY shelf for your garage. Furthermore, there are many benefits of making a DIY garage shelf that any family will surely enjoy.

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