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5 Best Weebly Apps That You Can Get On A Single Access

by theskfeed

Weebly is a free website builder or you can call it free hosting, to build websites, apps, or online stores with hundreds of free templates and designs. There are so many tools that weebly provide to build anything as per your need. You can access many of the free tools, plugins and apps on weebly. You can find weebly apps in weebly app center.

best weebly apps

5 best weebly apps

In this article we are going to discuss 5 best weebly apps that you can get from a single place all together.

5 Best Weebly Apps That You Must Need.


X Slider is a premium weebly app that provides the best options for image and content slider. It displays the content very beautifully and easily on your weebly site. The settings for this app are much easier: you can easily find and use drag and drop builder or you can create your favorite stories within a few minutes.

In the X Slider weebly app there are many functions to use, such as introducing business, showing off the latest creations or products, and announcing the exciting news. And the best thing is that X Slider can work perfectly with any existing theme. And it will also maintain your site. 


X Divider app is another weebly app that is used for inserting beautiful and modern looking shaped dividers. 

By implementing the dividers between material segments, Among the simplest ways to bring a factor that is cool.  Regrettably, typical content dividers are generic and nice That’s going to change with X Divider.

X Divider provides you the freedom to transform your segments into modules that are exquisite.  As a consequence, you may split your content segments curved lines!

It’s possible to add from the divider of your own choice and also adjust height heightale and colour!  Adding beautiful, contemporary and trendy dividers to help showcase your content has never been simpler or more enjoyable!

Animated Background App

Another weebly app  that you can also get in the package is animated background. It helps to add beautiful animated effects to your header backgrounds , content backgrounds, footer backgrounds or any backgrounds in any section of your weebly website.

It is the best app that provides 4 default animated effects. The use is very simple: just drag and drop the animated background app anywhere. It also provides options to customize your page, change color etc.


FlexiBox is an amazing weebly app that has options to create independent content blocks. You can easily drag and drop any weebly element into the box. It has an easy comprehensible interface, by which users can find anything that they need to use. The app also provides much more options for your weebly website’s desired designs.

It improves user experience and also makes the content more interesting with accentuated business features, products and services. 

The Tabs

Everyone is looking for quick and easy ways to complete their tasks and here is The Tabs weebly app that provides a quick and easy way to create fully customized tabs on your weebly site within a few minutes.  This app provides you to display your content, images and videos in a clean, organized and responsive tagged navigation.

The Tab is a great powerful and easy to use weebly app that creates beautiful and branded customized tabs in a flash.


In this article we covered five best weebly apps that you must use, and get them all from a single access. We also discussed the apps and their use, I hope you enjoyed the article if you have any question regarding this article please comment below. 

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