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3 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Feline Friend a Cat Shelf

by Mohsin Malik

Cats are some of the most common pets in the world, and many people either adopt or buy one usually as a home companion. After all, cats may have weird behavior, but they are also known for being cute and cuddly. They are also considered to be a low-maintenance pet compared to dogs, which means you don’t have to bathe or exercise your cat very often. 

But being a low-maintenance pet doesn’t necessarily mean that cats no longer want to partake in certain activities that will enhance their physical strength. After all, cats are still very active creatures and they need a bit of exercise. At the same time, cats are also very private animals and they do not want to feel stressed. One way to entice your cats to get physical and to impress them at the same time is to get a cat shelf for your home.

Reasons to Buy or Create a Cat Shelf

When living with cats (or with any pets in general) it is important for fur parents to design our homes so that our furry companions would feel safe and comfortable. Hence, if you want to make your cat feel special, you can build or buy cat shelves in your home especially if you have space where you could install them. But there are many other reasons for getting a shelf for your cat. And these are the following reasons:

  • Cats Love High Places

Most cat lovers and owners are already aware that cats love high places. This is one reason why your feline companion loves to jump into tabletops and cabinets. This behavior may seem perplexing or even troublesome for us, humans. But this has something to do with their evolution and genetics. In the wild, cats were both predator and prey, so a higher ground provided cats with a bigger advantage on finding small prey while it also provided them safety from bigger predators. Your furry friend may live in a more comfortable and safer place in your home than a jungle or a savannah. But domesticated cats retained much of the hunting and survival instincts that they acquired from their wild ancestors. Besides, these instincts helped them survive, and humans have domesticated dogs longer than cats. So cats are still very much like wild animals, and cat shelves allow your feline friend to survey his or her kingdom and also give them enough space to feel comfortable in your home. 

  • Cat Shelves Provide Safety 

As mentioned earlier, cats needed a higher place that would serve as their refuge from bigger predators, especially in the wild. Your cat may no longer have to fear predators anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should not give your furry friend some private space. Besides, even if there is nothing that would eat your furry friend, they would still be subject to various stressors, most especially children, other animals, and bothersome humans. Cat shelves would provide them with the privacy and security that they need, making their living more comfortable. 

  • Cat Shelves Also Help Them Exercise

Finally, cat shelves also provide your cats with some exercise, since cat shelves have structures that force cats to move a bit more. As stated earlier, cats are low-maintenance pets especially when it comes to exercise. And unlike dogs, you don’t need to bring your cat outside to give them physical activity. But again, this does not mean that you will not give your cat something to do, as bored cats might destroy some other stuff in your home. Having a cat shelf (especially a high one) would not only give your cat a sense of security and familiarity in your home. It would also help them give a bit of exercise, especially if they go up and down the cat shelf every so often.

Factors to Consider When Making or Buying a Cat Shelf

Cat shelves come in many different looks and sizes, and no two cat shelf designs are the same. This is true especially if you are buying one, but this is also the case when looking for cat shelf design ideas on the Internet. Regardless of what you do, here are some of the things that you should consider when getting or building a cat shelf:


This may not be the first thing that most cat parents will consider when getting or building a cat shelf, but this is perhaps the most important factor. Since cat shelves are places where your cat will jump and run into, you would need to build or install your cat shelf in a place that is far away from precious items, television sets, couches, and beds. You should also build or install your cat shelf where your cat spends his or her time the most. Obviously, if a cat shelf is located in a place that your cat never goes to, he or she will never use it. 


Another thing to consider when getting or constructing a cat shelf for your feline companion is the height of the shelf. Cats love high places, as mentioned earlier. But if you have a cat with health and/or mobility issues (e.g. obesity), a kitten, or a senior cat, you would need to be mindful of the height of your cat shelf. One tip you can try is to spread horizontal shelves aside so that your cat would have more space to move into. Make sure also to consider your cat’s age and physical activity when building or installing your cat shelf so that you could properly calculate the distance between your shelves. 


Finally, the stability of your cat shelf is also very important in building or buying one for your home. While cats feel more secure in higher places, if your cat shelves wobble or even creek while your cat climbs up to it, he or she might not feel comfortable using it and decide to abandon it instead. The design of your cat shelf, as well as its material and how it was installed, are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when making or purchasing one for your cat. 


Getting a shelf for your cat is not just for his or her safety and comfort, but for your enjoyment. Imagine all the fun of seeing your furry companion climbing and playing with the cat shelf you installed or made. When you have a cat shelf in your home, you also do not have to worry about your cat climbing into random spaces in your home such as your kitchen tabletop or refrigerator, as your cat now has a dedicated space that he or she could use to climb up and get a vantage point from.

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